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  1. I put it down to a lack of meat, low sugar and 40 degree heat
  2. Go to India. I've lost almost a stone after 2 and a half months.
  3. And just as a point of information, the SNP being a so-called 'anti-war' party is an incorrect assertion. Which party supported the invasion of Afghanistan? Which party voted against a proposal for a withdrawal of troops from Iraq?
  4. I'm not in favour of independence, especially not the SNP's botched brand of it. Independant capitalist Scotland with the Queen as Head of State No thanks.
  5. Seeing as i'm in India, I've sorted out a proxy vote. I'll be voting Solidarity on the regional list (the only one we're standing on) and a spoilt ballot for the rest. I kind of agree on your election analysis - I predict that maybe the SSP will regain one seat, but confident that SSSM will retain their two. For sure it'll be tighter than arsecheeks between Labour and the SNP.
  6. Sounded like a great night. Hopefully they'll come back and I can finally see em' live
  7. Why not? It is a forum after all.
  8. Exactly. To be honest I would just keep the strat for tinkering about with/bashing etc as you'll never in a million years get it for 75. Its a basic guitar, 40 would all youd realisitically get for it.
  9. Six months in Sri Lanka then onto Glasgow for uni.
  10. Aye, one person. Not everyone who goes around or hangs on street corners or wears casual clothes. Aye, go on if you like about how 'they' must be 'bad by definition' : but don't dispute that such a label makes people think these sorts fo things when they walk past someone whose only crime is to wear a tracksuit and an obscene amount of hair gel. Nah, not when you're speaking pish. Well, your second line was just justifying your remark, and the second one I guess I agreed with. There wasn't much to read. Why, its like a Daily Mail editorial!
  11. Or the 'blatant and often harmful stereotype', your choice.
  12. OH ABSOLUTELY GUTTED Sometimes I wish I wasn't going on my gapyear.
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