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  1. Hello, have you sold your SG?

  2. Yeah lol, I guess gotta agree with you :-) Anyway, so anyone knows more about the Blackout Europe | Home matter ?
  3. Yeah I read all the articles and stuff but couldn't remember at all what was the final reasoning for the verdict. I wonder how they encouraged copyright theft :| The fine is stupid and I think they only got fined because they assumed that they made profit by running their page? Although I don't think they did. Anyway best luck to 'em. All we can do right now, is download even more Also people, what about this ? Blackout Europe | Home I've read it all but it's still a bit confusing. And since the voting will take place quite soon it's odd how it hasn't got any proper media attention?
  4. That's right, still 1 year behind bars is silly. What was their actual reasoning for the verdict? Because as ya said TPB acts as a search engine so technically they're not violating any rules...
  5. Their servers aren't located in Sweden - or at least majority aren't - so shouldn't be affected at all :|
  6. Darn, a year in jail for nothing. And appeal might take even longer than their sentence so that's not much of use.
  7. Domino

    Gibson V

    What a beauty :o If only I had some money and didn't live in a bin.
  8. Yeeahh!!! I'm definitelly showing off my talent!
  9. It sounds the same but it rocks!
  10. I am indeed One of the first bands that got me into music when I was 9 years old along with Kiss and Judas Priest rock on:up::up:
  11. Wtf are you on about? I was speaking about iron maiden and quoting another person.
  12. So I take it as you haven't listened to all their albums to comment on their style changes? or lack of that.
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