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  1. Door admission is available tonight For Andy Whitby - PLEASE arrive early as this event is very popular. One Up have 5 tickets left and E.P has a few txt or call 07805973787 for more info. See you all tonight! E.P x
  2. 50 Tickets left @ One Up Give us a txt or call if you you require a street ticket - 07805973787 or visit our bebo for more info. Thanks and see you all on the 4th! E.P x
  3. The Saviour of Hard Dance is BACK! Andy Whitby @ Kode ( Justice Mill Brae) Aberdeen - April 4th Tickets On Sale March 18th @ One Up And E.P Street Tickets bebo.com - Profile from E.P <EnergyGossip> OR Call\txt - 07805973787
  4. hey guys would have added in other Curfew convo but didn't want this to get losses in comments. Check out index There's a link on front page that takes you to the REAL reason for Curfew and what we are going to do about it. Energy promotions are looking for your support please take the time to read the passage, we are not into petitions and letters we are going to take action not hide behind our keyboards and moan. hope you can all join us. E.P x
  5. Details for Andy Whitby tickets also available on the night x
  6. lol it isn't even close to being as bad as it was 6 years ago, just lota hard danace fans having a good night, if you like the music then def good idea to come along.
  7. E.P Fight Night 2009: THE FINAL! 6 DJ's go head to head in what will be the toughest fight night EVER! HARDCORE VS HARD DANCE VS TRANCE! First timer to E.P Fight Night, yet legend in his own right, ALEC NOBLE! Stramash's brain child and wonder on the decks DJ DAM! After playing a wicked set in the E.P Warmup Newbie DJ DOOFY! ORIGINAL E.P Resident, and Hard Dance Genius DJ EGG! Fight Night Champ 2008 and God on the Wheels of Steel DANNY FRASER! And the bangin boy wonder on the Decks MATT SKINNER! PLUS E.P RESIDENT MATT WALKER AND DJ WEASEL ( FIGHT NIGHT CHAMP 2007) PLAYING BACK 2 BACK! This is undoubtedly going to be a night in the history books, NO night has ever seen such a lineup of PURE local Talent! These boys need your support people so get down to Kode on March 6th For a night you will ALWAYS remember! Tell your friends, tell you mums and dads, get your girlfriends & boyfriends, Drag your old Nanny down cause even if she dies of heart faliure she'll die with a smile on her face and the Bass in her soul! And if ANYONE says "nah don't feel like it" Slap em in the face and tell them its all of our responsibility to support our local guys and to stop being such a miser! ITS E.P FIGHT NIGHT 2009: THE FINAL!!!!! PLAY IT HARD AND PLAY IT DIRTY! See you all there E.P x p.s Join Our Bebo @ index OR Email: jgoodhall@energy-promotions.co.uk
  8. Its gonna rock! Will def be having an AC/DC night in my bar come October!
  9. October 20th sees the release of AC/DCs new album!!! Who's excited?! Lets hope they are on form! Been a while! Thoughts?
  10. Just a taste of our new Cocktail menu Check out our bebo and be sure to add us as a friend! Crows Nest <CrowsN7> See you all there! x
  11. Just a taste of our new Cocktail menu Check out our bebo and be sure to add us as a friend! Crows Nest <CrowsN7> See you all there! x
  12. Well even if ur not a student am sure cld give all you forum crawlers a wee discount if your hungry over the weekend
  13. This is just the start of the Nest's Rock specials, from new albums to tour dates The Nest will be helping you enjoy your fav bands! PLUS ALL pint's 2.50, Vodka + Mixer 1.50, Dr Jager 3.00, Vodka Red Bull 2.00 and LOTS more great drink deals! And remember to get signed up for the Foosball League! See you all there The Crows Nest x
  14. Lol! well having just been a student I know this could help alot of peeps. and I really ask for nothing. People wanna eat and leave straight after they can, they want to stay then up to them. If your a student come take a look.
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