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  1. Hello, have you sold your SG?

  2. Yeah lol, I guess gotta agree with you :-) Anyway, so anyone knows more about the Blackout Europe | Home matter ?
  3. Yeah I read all the articles and stuff but couldn't remember at all what was the final reasoning for the verdict. I wonder how they encouraged copyright theft :| The fine is stupid and I think they only got fined because they assumed that they made profit by running their page? Although I don't think they did. Anyway best luck to 'em. All we can do right now, is download even more Also people, what about this ? Blackout Europe | Home I've read it all but it's still a bit confusing. And since the voting will take place quite soon it's odd how it hasn't got any proper media attention?
  4. That's right, still 1 year behind bars is silly. What was their actual reasoning for the verdict? Because as ya said TPB acts as a search engine so technically they're not violating any rules...
  5. Their servers aren't located in Sweden - or at least majority aren't - so shouldn't be affected at all :|
  6. Darn, a year in jail for nothing. And appeal might take even longer than their sentence so that's not much of use.
  7. Domino

    Gibson V

    What a beauty :o If only I had some money and didn't live in a bin.
  8. Yeeahh!!! I'm definitelly showing off my talent!
  9. It sounds the same but it rocks!
  10. I am indeed One of the first bands that got me into music when I was 9 years old along with Kiss and Judas Priest rock on:up::up:
  11. Wtf are you on about? I was speaking about iron maiden and quoting another person.
  12. So I take it as you haven't listened to all their albums to comment on their style changes? or lack of that.
  13. Well I guess I don't like it , tried listening to some music when I was given it by others. Some of the instrumental work was alright.. but so called singers ruined everything in every single case. I'm more of 70-80s person, rainbow, deep purple, saxon, dio, judas priest etc... Don't mind some thrash as long as there's a reasonably good singer.
  14. Heh, it wasn't directed to women singers, more likely a crappy comment about "hardcore/metalcore/screamo" kind of stuff. Doro Pesch is quite a good singer.. Anyway enough of me showing off my talent.
  15. Just get a dog to bark into the mic would achieve same thing.
  16. Black leather is the way to go, it will always match
  17. Domino


    Meh..... complete failure, lost by 12 points >_< arrggghhh
  18. Domino


    Indeed it was one of their main problems in the past, court full of awesome players that played separately. Hopefully LTU will manage to pick up bronze, but can't say for sure, there's big chance that Argentina will kick our ass :{
  19. Domino


    Great... lost against spain in Basketball semifinals Spain - Lithuania 20:00 91 - 86 :[
  20. But it ain't exactly an advert? A discussion about bike clothing for women more likely
  21. Chris could simply just move this thread to "General discussions" thread as you usually get people here buying selling guitars and other stuff rather than discussing various things
  22. People love listening to shite music nowadays and that simply explains the lack of solos in new bands. 80s!
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