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  1. Woahh haven't been on here in an age!

  2. I have a wireless N one, don't have live anymore, and have no intention of getting it again, so can have mine if you want!
  3. New Noise presents SPRING BREAK! BEACHWEAR & BIKINI PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Join us on April 1st and PARTY our way into the holidays! Guest DJ Chad Hogan joins us on the decks with Baby Ben & Rigby to blast out the best Rock / Pop & Alt PARTY TUNES! Apart from the AMAZING TUNES! we also have............ ***Indoor sand beach*** ***Swimming Pool*** ***Beer Bong*** ***Dip N Chip*** ***Beach Balls*** If that wasnt enough, we have a 50 prize for the beast beachwear/bikini outfit. **Tickets / Door 5 . Tickets will go onsale Tuesday the 1st March from one up records / ticketweb & onsale at our cashdesk on fridays. SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Login | Facebook I'm one of the DJ's (Rigby), tickets will also be available from me Any song requests, stick them in comments on this thread! ps, if this thread is in the wrong place, could a mod move it to where it should be?
  4. Men with NI accents sound angry all the time. Like they're about to start a war, I hate it. Ladies with NI accents, I can cope with... sexy ladies with Irish accents? love it. hate of the day: people that don't want to have a snowball fight. bunch of jessies!
  5. "well that explains it" I took that as "oh Richard did it, explains perfectly why everyone likes it... ie, it's done well and IS a good tattoo" I'm all for new things opening, but you've gone about this all the wrong way... If you want to advertise a tattoo shop, get a tattoo done by them, post a picture of it, and tell people who did it and where you got it. simples. (I don't have any tattoo's, so I don't know who IS the best tattoo artist in Aberdeen, I'm sure there are several that each have their own areas of expertise. When it comes time for me to get some tattoo's... I doubt I'll be going to Rock'n'roll (or whatever it's called) purely because of how you were bigging it up.)
  6. christmas music in november... Just back from Burger King (cause im a healthy kinda guy) and they're playing christmas tunes.. on repeat. what a way to get rid of customers..
  7. urgh. I just logged into myspace out of curiosity, and that is a TERRIBLE layout/style/whatever! They changed it a few months ago (I still use it for finding random bands) and I didn't initially like that change, but I grew to it, and it was actually better for finding random tunes! as for this new layout... it looks alot like an overworked shopping website designed for 14 year old girls. absolute pish.
  8. Engraved. I used to live in Turriff... couldn't stand the place then, hate it even more now. Chav infested hell hole!!! on that note... chavs.
  9. Gotcha... They probably get counted as normal spaces. it would explain how it's possible to go into a car park (that apparently isn't full) but not be able to find a space. lol
  10. sensor's above the disabled spaces to tell if they're in use or not?
  11. That works for the total amount of spaces being used. Some car parks (I fail to remember if ANY of the ones in Aberdeen do it) show the amount of free spaces on each level. Taking photo's of the number plates works for numbers, but I'm pretty sure it's actually to calculate how long you're parked in the car park for, once you go in, your reg. number gets stored on a computer until you go back out again... clocking in and out so to speak.
  12. I'd go for a guess and say that they have sensors at the entrance/exit, and at the bottom and tops of ramps. which record the amount of cars that pass the sensors, thus... having a number of cars on each level As for the disabled spaces... no idea. Just park in it, when you find a ticket under your wiper, take it out, and stick it down a drain or somewhere. When you get moaned at for not paying the fine, just play dumb and claim it wasn't there. pow!
  13. the mention of the snes has spurred another pet hate... People on ebay, that say "41 snes games!" you go into it, and all of them are on floppy, to be used with that thing (cant remember what its called..) that enables you to play copied snes games.
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