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  1. Soda Jerk, what department do you work for and far aboots?
  2. "That was Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell, a song in which Joni complains they 'Paved paradise to put up a parking lot', a measure which actually would have alleviated traffic congestion on the outskirts of paradise, something which Joni singularly fails to point out, perhaps because it doesn't quite fit in with her blinkered view of the world. Nevertheless, nice song." Disagree with Alan that it is a nice song, but those fucking lyrics are beyond annoying. I love New Order but some of their lyrics are beyond shite and annoy me because the music they are set to are amazing: Every Second Counts - "Every second counts when I am with you - I think you are a pig - you should be in a zoo." Your Silent face - "You've caught me at a bad time so why don't you piss off."
  3. The "Slender Man" is clearly a rip off of an old school scarefest: For younger forumers, this is a clip from an educational video shown in AV rooms up and down the country that kept thousands of kids awake at night. The one with the haunted mansion was pretty creepy too. But just as real the Slender Mannie!!! Ghosts are like religion - you either get it or don't! I always love Derren Brown rubbishing the supernatural, though. He can break whole careers in a matter of minutes!!!
  4. Internet porn sums up why the youth of today are lazy. They should have to wait 2 weeks to get their shottie of a vid from one their mates. Once they have it, hide it for a further two weeks from their parents. Then have to wait until everyone is out of the house as there is only one video in the house - in the living room. Then fast forward through 2 hours of scratchy VHS then have to rewind it to the good bits (which are sparse) before you can even think about the payoff of stroking the salami, constantly in fear that the door could open anytime. It's like everything nowadays, no thought process behind and - spoon fed!
  5. Yeah, he's only like one of the top heels in the whole company..... I agree he's the best talker around just now but he's also one of the best in the ring. Rumble was good despite the Cena / Horny section which was beyond bad. Punk played it all out brilliantly I thought. Internet dirt sheet ruined my Booker / Diesel surprise factor. The Morrison Spider - man spot was the best thing I've seen for a while. Anyone watching the TV shows surely guessed the "Mexican JBL" was winning! He surely must be winning at 'Mania now. Biggest surprise for me was HHH never made an appearance.
  6. Falsehood. He wears the shades as his eyes are fucked and the lights onstage could potentially blind him. I know this as I had a scare myself that I had this condition and my optician said it's the same thing as the guy from the Ting Tings has. This, coincidently, made me realise that my optician had a face I'd never get tired of punching!!!!! Mentioning some indie shite when I'm going through a personal trauma. Bastard!
  7. + Was going to mention this in the first place and say that it does it's job in that respect!!! Regardless of this: a) The advert is still the singular most annoying thing to come out of the radio, bar Jim Traynor b) If I wasn't clued up about windows and doors I would never use them because of the annoying nature of the advert. It reeks of a second rate company I would tend to avoid. c) The advert is still really, really fucking annoying. d) Remember when they got "the great Aberdeen public" to "sing" the tune? Sweet jebus that was the worst. Some woman attempting to sing it then going "Is onybody listenin'?" It disproved the theory that some things just can't get any worse. e) The advert will remain as annoying as ever. Just as well I don't have to listen to the radio at work, eh??!!!!! Bastards.
  8. Well I'm repoting to you to trading standards for inflicting the most annoying excuse for a jingle ever produced. The only special thing about it is it's especially annoying whenever you hear it. And I never listen to Northsound through choice - just hear it in taxis or shops. Makes me want to gouge my eardrums out.
  9. It's rubbish, but at least he won't be risking his life getting here! He said on his website that it looks like the rescheduled date will be February. Sooner the better
  10. Cool. Cheers for heads up. Will definitely be there if I can make it.
  11. I loved the way it began with the thought - provoking statement: "The big, bad old BNP." to draw you in! It was a beyond pathetic attempt!
  12. The frankly stunning prizes on offer here surely make this one not to miss. Think what you could do with 50 badges???
  13. Fuck you, Teabags - You just ruined my life!!!!!
  14. Urusei Yatsura. Defo did a Peel Session or two and were played a fair few times. Great band.
  15. That's exactly why I don't drink bottles - I can drink a bottle at home anytime, but can only enjoy a good pint in the pub! It's worth seeking out a good pint and sticking with it. I ken what you are saying about bottles, but, sticking on the price point discussion, I really do feel utterly raped paying 3 + quid for something I could have got in the supermarket for 40p and made colder at home than it was served in the pub (bottles are affy things to be served not cold enough for my liking) You don't get pints in the supermarket so I like (good ones) when I'm out You are right, though, pints in the Hayloft can be reprehensibly bad!!! Great pub, though!!!
  16. Without wishing to pander to Flash, the Moorings is one of the few bars that serves proper, as it should be, beer / lager and therefore could charge the most premium price and be justified. The fact that the booze is very reasonably priced just makes it that bit better The draught lager is somewhat exemplary. The only place in town I can think of in the same league is the Grill. Tonik is usually very good too. I would only complain about the price of a pint if it tasted shit, and was genuinely overpriced. For an acceptable pint, anything around the 2.75 pound price mark is fine. For a great pint a la the Moorings, I wouldn't complain at 3.50, as I'm more inclined to enjoy it and nae scoof it down. Gotta be realistic these days - I spent too long moaning about the price of drink being too expensive "nowadays" but you have to realise that prices have gone up a fair bit since those of us of a certain age started bevvying 12, 15 years ago! You also have to realise that you would have paid money for the worst beer ever if it got you pished. Christ, my group all drank bottled Woodpecker for years at the Palace!!!! Worst drink ever, but it was cheap and did the job! Now when I get a good pint I appreciate it.
  17. Yeah, mine was shite when we moved house but after changing the channel it's brilliant. If you go to address: username: admin pass: sky and go to wireless settings then change the channel from there. That worked best for me. You can also check out / modify other gubbins and variables in there. Sorry if you knew that already!
  18. Hooky DJing is a sight to behold for sure! The whole "reimagination" of Unknown Pleasures will be an almighty clusterfuck. Hooky used to be my favoiurite character in music but he's slowly turned into a bit of a cock knocker. I always thought he did everything he could to protect Joy Division's fine back catalogue and the whole myth behind them, but it's shit like this that tarnishes the memory. It's impossible to think what Ian Curtis would be like in middle age, let alone what he'd think of this. Although I do agree, he'd fucking hate the Happy Mondays as much as I do. Shaun ryder's one moment of magic: "I might be a honkey, but I'm hung like a donkey." The rest is a blizzard of shit for me!
  19. Too right - remember when folk when to festivals because they fancied the line up and wanted to actually see some music? This involved waiting until the promoter had booked the headliners and main acts at the least. You then chose whether you were going or not based on the lineup. How the fuck you supposed to do that when tickets sell out a year in advance. It's a bloody joke. Same goes for all the festivals nowadys, unfortunately. First year I went in '96 I'm sure I bought my ticket in May or something. For 61 quid including camping! At a better site than it's at now. And saw Radiohead when they were good. And Joe Strummer busking in the campsite. The good ol' days etc. etc.
  20. Shocked to hear this in the morning. He was a top bloke. Great stage presence for being a drummer and while you couldn't describe his drumming ability anything above "workmanlike" he kept things together on the first two albums which I still really rate. They turned into a blizzard of shite on album 3 and turned way too serious after Cable left. Met him twice, he was so nice - just a real ordinary guy who clearly loved getting pished and living the rock & roll dream. A booming voice and a firm handshake to boot. Took the time to blether to me while Kelly Jones chatted up some birds. I always remember the gig at the Works in '97 when he said if they make it big he'll live it up to the max - "roaahhhck beeeehhheeeemoth" he said! Guess he did that. The world's lost one of the good 'un's.
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