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  1. Got 2 spare tickets for AFI, Sick of It All and The Dear And Departed 8th April ABC Glasgow would like to sell as the pair just at face value of a mear 16 bucks. if you want them gives a shout here or nip in to retro rebels and see christine.
  2. dear mod can you please change my name to dougfast thanks dougfast x
  3. anyone that has an audi you can claim a free MOT from there website. i am pretty sure there is a horror story for every garage in aberdeen.
  4. i hope everyone is ready...........................one finger in air and...............................................shake!!!!!
  5. you beat me to it. i can mind this from mtv (cant belive that it was 6 years ago) but LB was the highlight of the show. i think sum 41 did battery but it might of been a mix but i can mind it being good thiugh.
  6. as above but mr roland TR-808 is by far the greatest drummer in town.......if not in the world
  7. why? i dont mean to chain them up though get them out there doing something so the prison is run like business.
  8. the cost of the prison should be earned back through prisoners doing manual labour (not the spanish waiter) like digging the roads. they have a debt to society so why should we pick up the tab.
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