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  1. Chorus pedal still available if anyone else is interested. Price cut to 25. Just desperate for the money before christmas, so can deliver, or you can pickup. Whatever.
  2. I'm sure I could make a pun on a big-muff, but that would be fannying about I'm possibly being totally retarded, but I just cant see an option to edit my first post. So ill say it here... Flanger = Gone/Sold/Reserved/Taken/Unavailable/Soon-to-be-in-Alan-Cynic's-evil-clutches Just so everyone interested knows
  3. Needs must when the devil vomits acid into your wallet... Boss Ch-1 Chorus Pedal - Hardly used (more's the pity). Nice wee chorus pedal, stereo output Boss website has the following marketing gumpf to say about it: The CH-1 Super Chorus features sharp sounds with clear highs, and a stereo effect that varies depending on the spacing between the left and right speakers. The EQ function allows you to adjust the tonality from soft, mellow sounds to sharp, cutting sounds ideal for rhythm guitar. Seems to retail just under 50 quids, Ill take 30 for it, but open to offers! Arion SFL-1 Stereo Flanger - I dont think this make is particularly well known make, but dont let that put you off. This has been a gem in my setup for a good many years, but I find I use it less and less in recent times. Some reviews of it here: click They dont make 'em anymore, but i think I paid around 25 for it. Will sell for 15 Neither are boxed, but both in excellent condition. If its more convenient I can deliver them to your address, and if you want I can even chuck in a power cable for each thatll connect it to a powerbank box.
  4. Okay well since I work at John Lewis in the TVs department I might be able to help. Our recommendation is generally go for a plasma. These days they arnt more expensive, and if you go into john lewis there is a plasma and an LCD hooked up to the same feed next to each other, and the quality difference is obvious, the plasma being far better. The myths about needing to refill with gas every few years is bollocks, and screen burn is becoming so rare, you would need to leave the same picture on for HOURS for it to happen. Same goes for longevity.. With a plasma you are looking at around 30, 000 hours, thats 3 years if you watch 24 hours a day, but 10-15 years in normals terms. Dont believe the myth, go to john lewis, ask for Colin or Derek who will give you even more advice on them. And above all, dont buy a samsung LCD. Trust me.
  5. my flatmate is desperately wanting a graphics card. Ill ask him when he gets back from work if hes interested in your one.
  6. This may sound stupid, but how good can a tuner be? Why pay 80 quid for one, when surely a 10 quid one does the exact same job?
  7. Indeed, my dreams were also invaded by the sounds of the thunder. Honestly cant remember how, but I started wondering why my dreams had suddenly become so noisy.
  8. How the hell did a fad start of people lip syncing and putting it on the internet?!
  9. Yeh, but at least Irn Bru totally took the piss out of the complainers in the new ad. I thought it was great!
  10. Quick sale. Need the money now really. However it looks like ebay will be my only option now. Fecking low paid job forcing me into ridiculous skintness >
  11. bump. no one interested? anyone consider it at a slightly cheaper price?
  12. Righto, Im absoltely skint so I'm unhappily sticking this up for sale Line 6 Spider II 15 Watt Its a great amp, excellent for just plugging in and jamming away with effects, without having to set up a whole bunch of stomp boxes. Theres nothing wrong with it, just needs must when the devil vomits into your wallet. 4 amp models: Clean, Crunch, Metal & Insane 6 Smart Control FX (2 simultaneous) including Phaser, Chorus/Flanger, Tremolo, Sweep Echo, Tape Echo, and Reverb. 4 User-programmable channels Tap Tempo CD/MP3 input jack Headphone/Direct Out for practice or recording Custom 8-inch Speaker It goes for about 115 quid on ebay. Ill sell for £80 Cheers folks Edit: Hell, while im at it, Also: Boss CH-1 Chorus pedal. £30 http://www.harmony-central.com/Effects/Data/Boss/CH_1_Super_Chorus-1.html - Reviews Arion Flanger. £30 http://www.harmony-central.com/Effects/Data/Arion/SFL_1_Stereo_Flanger-01.html - Reviews
  13. Fuck it... Dances with wolves Toy Story The Rock Man on the Moon American Graffiti 12 monkeys Flipper Ghost Chicken Run Beetlejuice Jarhead One Hour Photo Army Men Twister Zulu The Birds The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe Anchorman The Scorpian King Okay im done
  14. A Clockwork Orange The Hills have Eyes Red Dragon Saw (or Saw 2) Titanic Thats all I can actually be bothered with. Its good, but it just doesnt seem as clever as the music one
  15. Dont worry, the place on the green is all above board
  16. Ive got a few things I could rant about to you Pint of cider certainly helps of course
  17. Half Life 2: Episode 1 was released today, and so far its absolutely amazing. The scripted sequences merged seamlessly into the gameplay really give it an brilliant feel. In fact, i think ill go and play it now
  18. went about 4 weeks ago Its all ace. Just avoid the stupid stalls (ie, knock down this to win this stupid prize). My flatmates girlfriend insisted on getting him to win a fecking stuffed toy, and he wasted over a tenner attempting it, with no result.
  19. I find the best thing to do is struggle for ages, then take it to someone who would, without fail, make you feel like a fool if they were able to open it themselves (see: Grandma, small child, little sister etc). Sods law dictates that they will open it with ease, forcing you to embark on an argument about how successful you were in loosening it in the first place.
  20. Heh, its good news of course, but I dont particularly like him The bugger phoned my personal mobile number (given to him by some guy in the class) whilst I was skiving class, and put it on speakerphone so the rest of the class could hear. Of course it backfired when I started shouting at him, about how he has absolutely no right to call my private number, and then hung up on him. Bwahahaha. Well it was funny at the time at least...
  21. Not trying to hijack the thread, but speaking of interviews, someone sent me these links over MSN today http://img.dailymail.co.uk/video/cabbie.wmv Watch that, then read this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/4774429.stm Then watch the video again
  22. Yeh it looked cool. I liked the kinda twist at the end of it as well. Only critical point I can make is that some of the graphics were really kinda... well, pants. The skybox and object model of the dude on the beach (as well as his animation) in particular.
  23. Seven years? Bloody hell! I hope they make a new series, but it seems more and more unlikely as time goes on. To be perfectly honest, series 8 was very weak compared to previous efforts. If they are going to make a series 9, im prepared to forgive 7 years of a lack of red-dwarf, as long as its up to the standard of some of the pre-series 8 episodes
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