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Plans for the year ahead?


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Anyone got any plans or goals for the year ahead?

Not resolutions, as they always seem a bit more strict and no-one sticks to them.

I'm looking forward to 2011, assuming things work out for the best (redundancy :() it should be an eventful year.

Ignoring work though these are a few things I'm looking to do in the coming 12 months:

Travel more and take more short trips away for the weekend. - Part of this is wanting to see more of Scotland and Europe but is also linked to the next one

Walk up more big hills - Got out walking a few times last year but various distractions, injuries and bad weather meant I never got that first munro ticked off

Run a 10k in under 50 mins - I've quit one form of exercise to free up time for other activities so really want to do more running now and it would be good to see my times come down as a result

Start gigging again - I've got a lot more free time now (maybe even more if things go pear shaped regarding work) so hope to get Causey Mounth gig ready for the summer

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Get my running shoes on and train properly, not in fits and starts like I normally do. I'll maybe register for a run as a means of motivation, but the ultimate plan is that I'd like to run a 10k, then a 25k and eventually build up to run a marathon in 2012.

Get off my arse and send poems off to journals. I've been unexplicably lazy about submitting stuff and I'm getting over that this coming year.

Get the PhD done by the end of 2011, or as done as possible. I intend to graduate in 2012.

2012 is going to a a big one, but 2011 is going to be about getting there.

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Get a flat, furnish and decorate it.

Pass driving test, start saving for a car.

Get properly into music production instead of doing bits and bobs here and there and a 2 minute song taking a month to make.

Get fit. I'm planning on buying EA Active 2 and going swimming.

Collect more. I haven't bought a cd in about a month and I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms.

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Travel more and take more short trips away for the weekend.

Walk up more big hills

Run a 10k in under 50 mins

Start gigging again

That'll do me too thanks.

Also, rehabilitate knees, stop smoking, make a child, get paid for all the different people's jobs I do, visit my Grampa more and if I've still got time on my hands I'll write that novel.

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Quite chuffed with how my 2010 went, where I managed:

  • My first marathon - from Hampden to Loch Lomond in a kilt
  • My first ascent of Ben Nevis - in a kilt
  • Adding Sweden to my Tartan Army away game list
  • Crossing off Ayr United, Dundee, Raith Rovers, Kilmarnock and Hibs from ICT away game list
  • Getting much more responsibility and kudos at work
  • Getting back into playing 11s football, with some decent goals and no major injuries
  • Putting on over half a stone gained from about 300 gym visits this year

I'm aiming to have a similar 2011, where I will be doing the following:

  • Continued gym visits to boost muscle and fitness levels for football and...
  • Kayaking the Caldeonian Canal
  • Climbing the Atlas mountains in June/July
  • Taking in Liechteinstein, Switzerland and Spain when travelling with the Tartan Army
  • Head up the West Coast of Scotland for a week or so in July
  • Continue crossing off away game venues for ICT games. Namely Motherwell and Hamilton
  • Head back up Ben Nevis in the Spring in the hope of better weather/visibility

I've already booked the flights/hotels for the Scotland games and Atlas mountains, the rest should be easy enough to do as the year progresses...

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Get fit - I say this every year, but having been informed by the Wii Fit that I have gained the best part of a stone since I last stood on it back in the Spring, I feel properly motivated.

With that in mind, I plan/hope to:

- Run regularly with the running club i joined just before Xmas.

- Run at least five 10k races during the year......including the Mighty Deerstalker in March.

- Replace fatboy lunches at the office, by going to the gym on at least 3 lunchtimes per week.

- Bag a few munros.

- Lose weight.....hopefully as a natural consequence of the above.


- Play more golf, and get my handicap back.......was 8 before i stopped playing. Single figures again would leave me well chuffed.

- Get a band, and start gigging regularly.

- Improve my playing by practising what I can't play, rather than what I mastered years ago.

If I achieve even half of that I'll be delighted.

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run a half marathon - signed up for one in newcastle in sept - not sure what time but im gonna try for 1hr 30 mins (10k = 45min, so should even out....probably not).

Write HEAPS more music, for bands and myself; stop dicking around with the 'i'll do it later attitude'.

Be a better drummer - start keeping up with band mates.

Im sure theres more.

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Run a marathon, go up Ben Nevis, try a 300ft bungee, pass driving test, stay off the sauce, qualify for a UKIPT event, and get out of Aberdeenshire.

The last of these is probably most important: despite all the postive 'to-do' stuff, I am badly stuck in a rut right now, and if the first 3 months of 2011 are as bad as the first 3 of this year, it doesn't bear thinking about. Could probably do with a slighty fresher outlook, and a move (not too dramatic) is probably the right way about it.

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run a half marathon - signed up for one in newcastle in sept - not sure what time but im gonna try for 1hr 30 mins (10k = 45min, so should even out....probably not).

You know Haile Gebrselassie ran it in just under an hour.

I've already got lots planned for the next year:

Go to the Ukraine

Get married

complete the Edinburgh marathon

enter the Great North Run

Go to Cuba

Start climbing - Indoors and Outdoors

finally learn to snowboard

complete a 160ft bungee jump

do some courses that will help me with work.

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Continue with this no smoking malarky. Only been a week or so but it's doing me the world of good.

Stay in New York by any means necessary. Possibly move out to a cheaper borough but I wanna still be here by this time next year.

Find a hot, sub-serviant Asian girlfriend. Everyone seems to have one here.*

Get back into football. I'm gonna show these yanks how to play proper up-and-under Scottish style.

*only half joking.

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When did you start it? Going well?

I started two years ago, it's not going great though, I haven't made it half way yet, suppose only doing it when i'm in Edinburgh won't help. ?(

No point saying take part, seeing as i've already registered and my missus would kick my arse if I pulled out, also have not run a distance like that before, so completing would be a major boost.

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My personal goals for 2011 are: -


Move up to another level on guitar - did OK in 2010, could have done better.

Get the band (HeadRush) re-energised

Do more gigs - giggage frequency in 2010 was poor

Get the other blues/rock project going with my partner Jan (vox) - hopefully with GraemeC and his drummer mate Colin.


Consolidate on good work of 2010 and stretch myself a bit in 2011


Continue good efforts of 2010 - completed Moray half marathon in decent time this year

Compete in Inverness half and do at least three 10K events in 2011

Keep up weekly regime of at least three 5-milers and two games of fitba

Eat more fruit


Finish soundproofing the studio (my property has an old photography studio out back - ideal for band practice)


Stop being a judgemental pious cunt - just because someone's grammar is appalling, it doesn't follow that they're a mink or a thicket.

This is a toughie - stop using the word "cunt" at every given opportunity - it's getting beyond a joke

Running - I see that a fair few folks have listed running as an activity for 2010 - well, seeing as I'm just out the shower after a 5 mile run and whilst it's still 2010 and my Pious Cunt licence is still valid 'til midnight, can I make a few respectful suggestions?

1. Don't just talk, blog, text or post about it - DO IT!!!

2. Don't break the bank on dayglo kit 'til you're sure that you're going to keep it up.

3. DO break the bank on running shoes - in fact, go the the Running Shop on Rosemount - they'll put you on a rolling road, film you and recommend shoes for your style. I was amazed to find my knee and groin pain disappear almost immediately after changing my shoes to their recommended pair.

4. If possible, hook up with a more seasoned runner - he/she will help motivate you and find your pace.

5. Get an iPod Nano or one o' thon wee yins (Shuffle?) and make a really inspiring playlist mix.

Anyone in the Turriff (weekends, eves) or Bridge of Don (daytime Mon, Wed, Fri) who wants to come running with me, please let me know - you'll be most welcome.

JFD folks - Just Fucking Do It :up:

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Eat less from burger vans.

Like bux lower salt intake.

Stop being a cunt.

Stick in at work maybe get that promotion ive avoided in 2010

Be less of a cunt

Maybe just maybe work on my grammar

Say im going to work on my gammar but in reality do fuck all about it as im an engineer nae a fucking english teacher.

Try one day a month of nae being cunty.

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