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  1. So whats up guys.... Personally ive had more pussy since lock-down than pre covid.... ken websites are old hat.... But whos had more anything since lockdown. This is not a dating app hahaha
  2. Jesus this old chestnut haha. . . its 2020 is anything safe? .
  3. Nion every one has been on my list from the start.... I knew one day some of them had to die... Well all apart from Prince Phillip as i have it on good authority hes actually a hybrid lizard humanoid.
  4. My teams sent. Same folk its been for the last umpteen years..So surely someone has to die from it this year... P.s David Bowie Has bowed Out.
  5. Unless the guy in that photae is Bryan Adams i see no need for him to be wearing Double Denim.
  6. Ahh the good olde 70's eh...Where children get abandoned then returned home... "The ITV programme came about in 1962 when Lew Grade, then running the London weekend commercial TV station, wanted a six-week filler to plug a five-minute hole in his schedules. Within two weeks it was obvious that Police 5 and Taylor were going to be a successful combination. Two of the three cases covered in the first programme were solved as a result of information supplied by viewers: a stolen car used as a getaway vehicle was recovered, and abandoned baby twins were returned to their parents".
  7. Surely if i just keep the same list ive had for years mathematically someone has to die.. Surely.
  8. Its someone elses birthday this year and i cannot for the life of me remember whos...
  9. YAAAAAS points already this year... I coulda sworn i also had Jim Branning... But oh well Ian paislet will dae me..
  10. I worked in the same place and my Leaving was more exciting.... I was doing a 12hr night shift and it was a draaaaaaaaag.... So i decided to email everyone within the company and tell them what a shite arsed place it was to work...They were all racist cunts and i wouldn't be going back. . .I also named a few names and there racist comments.... They were all South africans and thought telling us all story's of there nigger gardners, nigger housekeepers, and nigger abuse stories as funny or as an every day thing...... I found it very very uncomfortable..... They continually phoned me everyday for a fortnight asking if i was absolutely sure i didn't want to go back.
  11. When going for an interview relax. Do as much research about any company as possible as you will be asked what you know about them. What you can bring, And future goals?. And ask questions when you are asked if you have any. Do not make the first question's about pay/Holidays. Ask what career developments lie ahead etc etc. I interview many candidates and a strict no no if applying for an onshore position is stating you would love to work offshore lol... If its an oil/gas company you want to apply for read up and look into as much safety information as you can. Gas/Oil company's loooove young lads that are safety orientated. Keep Your CV to one page if your a school leaver.. Yes we love hearing about your football team captaincy and how many cups, badges scarfs you own...But we don't want to read about it... If you have been the team captain for a debate committee do not put that on yer CV.. It reads yer like an argumentative kinda person lol... On a side note. If you are going to apply for any oil company do not take advice seriously about paying for little courses yourself like forklift,Gantry Cranes, Or any workshop equivalents we do not care.. Its a waste of your time and money and we will not accept your certificates. If you are joining an agency then said certificates may help you... Aberdeen Agencies are very good.. Join as many as you can... Ask for more pay than you would expect. And only take the jobs you think you can actually handle...The amount of times we get agencies guys in who have blatantly lied on there experience and last 2 days . . .
  12. The amount of pish i have read of yours buddy you have plenty get up and go. Maybe she meant a reference to family guy or even titanic 2000 i have no idea..
  13. I didnt appreciate him in life i dont appreciate him in death.. Apologies if thats harsh..But the first thng i said when i head he was deed was "WHO?" . Then a lassi at work said that guy fae titanic .. And i still didnt know...Sure i googled him... But when i saw his picture my heart did not break....
  14. Does every non audi owner hate audi owners?... Just thought id ask...When i was a boy It was a hate campaign against BMW owners... Now i hear its audi's everyone hates?..Is this true?.
  15. Last year i was experiencing issues with my broadband.. so on the Wednesday i phones TALKTALK and i got put through to someone who insisted on calling me Mr Sutcliffeyyyy with a long dragged out tone on the eyyyyyy.. I explained to her my Broadband kept cutting off and wasn't staying connected for more than like 10 minutes...I went through the usual palava of them testing my line... She informed me they were having technicial difficulties and if it wasn't fixed by Friday to phone them back....So Friday came and guess what broadband wasn't even connecting... So i phoned them back... They gave me another number to phone which was explained to me as an emergency number.... So come sunday broadband still wasn't working at all so i phoned this "emergency" number. I got put through to the most ignorant lassie i have ever spoken to in my life regarding anything... First off she asked me what the nature of my emergency was. I explained i had zero broadband.. She replied "and you feel this is an emergency why?" I again explained i had zero broadband.. To which she informed me this was an emergency talk talk line for serious emergencies... Now i wasn't being a fud when i asked her what kind of emergencies to which she screamed down the phone, "NOT HAVING FUCKING BROADBAND ON A SUNDAY IS NOT CONSIDERED AN EMERGENCY YOU BELLEND,,GET A FUCKING LIFE" and hung up... This took me aback so i googled the number to make sure i wasn't phoning the fucking emergency services or a hospitals hotline.. I wasn't i was phoning TalkTalks out of hours service..... To this day it still makes me laugh the way she screamed swore and shouted at me... Don't get me wrong i was a bit dumb struck for like a week later asking myself "did that actually happen".....
  16. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASS Get those points dealt Lucky....Get em dealt min....
  17. I demand to be last . . . . . . .. . Please.
  18. Yeah i have also seen the pictures of David Cameron wearing a hang Nelson Mandela T-shirt while people around him had banners and posters... I also read that how can a guy be so bad for 55 years ..Then so good for 44 years and still be seen as a saint. His wife ive read is a bit of a dodgy mare anaw.... I read One article that actually claimed some of the necklacing and bombing were direct commands from Nelson... True or false i have no idea but there is so much reading out there regarding his bad side and his Organisations terror tactics... Im neither a lover or hater of the guy myself like...Just so many contradictory stories regarding his early years (the first 55 years) . . .
  19. http://viralcircus.com/30-naughtiest-dogs-youll-crack-up-when-you-find-out-what-they-did/ Very funny
  20. So after a raging debate on facebook i decided to ask the good people of Aberdeen.. was Nelson Mandela a terrorist or a good egg..
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