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  1. Was that not Shaun Maloney? I'm sure I read something about him doing that at Todders...
  2. But the Czech Republic won't be
  3. Has ultra-slow Gareth Barry even touched the ball yet*?? Get him off and put on Kun. *EDIT: he just had a shot deflected behind.** **...and just hit the bar.
  4. They haven't had that kind of honesty* since Pele was manager. *Must read his book again sometime...
  5. That'd be a good signing and could work well with a big target man feeding him (Vernon? Maggennis?). I'd be surprised if he did sign on loan for Aberdeen, as Mick said he'd prefer him to go on loan in England. Either way, gonna hold off signing him until the ICT game is out of the way? Ta
  6. With Tokely suspended, we now only have 4 available defenders. Thankfully the 4 available are the best partnership in my opinion; Tokely has been really poor, so this break could give us a solid defence for the next few matches. Our midfield is by far an away our strongest point. In the middle Tansey (turned down Liverpool a few seasons back), is a fantastic signing and Owain Tudor Jones is a massive improvement on Russell Duncan! On the wings Doran and Hayes could walk into almost any SPL team. Unfortunately we haven't really replaced Rooney. Foran and Tade haven't worked as a partnership. I can only hope that Billy McKay (signed from Northampton in summer) can get fit and fill the void.
  7. Disgrace. Fucking disgrace.
  8. He's was a goalkeeper up until a couple of years ago.
  9. And Neymar had the cheek to call Scots racist*!? what a cunt. *the majority of scots probably are, but the ones at the Brazil v Scotland game weren't.
  10. To be fair to Bougherra, at least this time he didn't try to pull the ref's hand down in the pathetic hope that the red wouldn't count...
  11. The world is against Rangers! Haha
  12. I don't think it's on BBC website. Premier Sports have it, which is a Pay Per View site. I may try to find a stream of it online later if I'm at a loose end. It'll be quite enjoyable watching a Rangers away game without any pictures of ugly Orcs or Union Jacks/Red Hands in the crowd
  13. Rangers - 1million Dundee utd - We want 2million Rangers - 1.4million Dundee utd - We want 2million Rangers - 1million plus 400k add ons Dundee utd - We want 2million Rangers - 1.6million Dundee utd - We want 2million Blackburn - 2.8million Dundee utd - Accepted Rangers - 1.6million plus 500k add ons Dundee Utd - Weve accepted a 2.8million bid for him Rangers - We'll give you 2million as agreed then Dundee utd - We've accepted 2.8million Rangers - 2.1 million plus 500k add ons Dundee utd - We've accepted 2.8million and we'd rather sell to a team outwith scotland for a better fee. Rangers - 2.1million plus 600k add ons Dundee utd - No. We've accepted 2.8million Rangers - 3million Dundee utd - We would accept that offer Rangers - We would spread the payments over the next 5 years. Dundee utd - No Rangers - 1.6 million plus 600k add ons. Dundee utd - David Goodwillie signs for Blackburn.
  14. After the Sweden game? Not a chance.
  15. Copied from football365: quite an entrance from Leicester City striker Paul Gallagher on Monday night. 'Hello, Im just getting to grips with this twitter lark, thanks for all the messages - get ready for the banter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' was his first, innocent tweet. But then.... 'Off to bed to smash @HayleyGa11agher back doors in ,,' and just minutes later... 'I'm back ,, head like a traffic light ,, RED haha .' ...and within hours there is a song about it on the Leicester City forums: Gally is a scotsman He wears a scotsmans hat He lives with his wife Hayley They live in a council flat She gives us transfer info She loves it when we win But when she's been on twitter Her back doors get smashed in
  16. I went with huntedbyafreak last night and found it thoroughly enjoyable. A bit bigger than Aberdeen Brewdog and much lighter due to the big windows looking out to the museum. They do more food options as well, with burgers and pizzas being offered in addition to the cheese/meat boards. Going back tonight after the Motherwell v Caley game in the hope some free samples are handed out!
  17. Aye the 20% discount online is great. I've easily made back my share from the first run of Equity for Punks on online discount. Going to the Glasgow launch tomorrow after seeing Inverness Caley Thistle get pumped by Motherwell at Fir Park. The bar is in a really nice location across from the Kelvingrove museum, so I should manage a few visits when I'm down for various football matches.
  18. ICT Pre Season results: From most recent to earliest... Yeovil Town (League 1) 2 - ICT 4 Livingston (SFL 1) 1- ICT 1 Elgin City (SFL 3) 0 - ICT 3 Forres Mechanics (HL) 0 - ICT 7 Clach (HL?) 0 - ICT 2 Got Bristol Rovers (L2) and Aldershot Town (L2) tonight and saturday. With a charity match against Buckie Thistle on Tuesday. Delighted to read on Twitter that Aaron Doran has signed again, with him turning down Aberdeen and the like to sign permanently. Looked VERY good last season when on loan from Blackburn and with Hayes he could really cause problems in the SPL. We've also signed Billy McKay from Northampton Town (he scored in the win v. Liverpool) who is a wee nippy striker that NTFC fans are gutted is leaving. Disappointed that Tade, Cox, Sutherland, Meekings are all injured and missing pre-season; as the squad is still a little light. Another defender or two signed up though and we'll be good for the new season.
  19. It's a bizzare move isn't it!? That's a deal better than many SPL players, but he'll be playing part time for a SFL Division 3 club... I take it some wealthy business-man is paying his wages/signing on fee? The 'heid had better hope for a better return than his last spell with them
  20. I'm pretty sure the boy he pats on the head is an ex-Elgin City player...
  21. Incredible end to a penalty shootout
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