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best aberdeen bands of 2009?

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Fuck me sideways, it's time i was thinking about this years Fudge Awards nominees! :gringo:

Any local bands you think have stood out this year?

Preferably, they'll have played a Fudge gig within the last year...

The Fudge Awards will be held on Saturday 6th of Febuary, and for the first time will be taking place at the quadruple-Best-Aberdeen-Venue-winning Moorings Bar. All proceeds from the show will be going towards our charity attempt to drive to Mongolia next summer: http://www.aberdeen-music.com/forums/fudgenet/58268-mongol-rally-2010-teamfudge.html

But, anyway, back to the point: YOUR BESTEST LOCAL BANDS OF 2009 ARE...?


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Downfall have been consistantly good and were ace at the gig I put on at The Tunnels. Bloodnut also keep steamrollering along in the metal scene. Should also be an award for the most frenetic frontman for Joe from Thrashist Regime. :0)

Liars Dice always impress me as well and again were also excellent at my gig.

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