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  1. MON The Bobby, he's the only thing worth coming on here for, the events guide is excrutiatingly shite, mind you, the Fudge announcements are braw, MON The Fudge tae
  2. Decisions decisions so much happening at the same time, and seemingly at the same place THE LEMON TREE LOUNGE : Productions : Session A9
  3. Market yourselves as emos and use the name My entrance Your exit
  4. Biz


    Return of The Wee Man to Snafu tonight YouTube - NEDS Kru feat. The Wee Man - Da Fleeto Breakneck comedy at Snafu tonight 8pm only five quid Davie See John Purves Sarah May Stephen Rose The Wee Man
  5. Yeah, I want to see this live, it's a bit like Rico, thon Weegie chap fae a few years back, nice one, hope it's at The Moorings, it's a great place to get fucked up and listen to interesting shit
  6. I DJd at that. I have fond memories of Yankee at festivals, we used to REALLY cane it wi Turk and aa the ither naerdaeweels. We had a burial at sea - aff a fishing boat in the bay of refuge, cos it was too roch to ging oot o the moo, most of the ashes were thrown overboard, and the rest eaten and skinned up and scattered about various pubs, it was an ACE send aff. I liked the wee tribute in The Buchanie , it said, Ye can tak the loon oot o the toon, but ye canna tak the toon oot o the loon. Yankee was a Hells Angel and spoke fluent Dutch, but he aywis spoke in Doric .
  7. I got one art O level it did nothing for me
  8. After an another ace break I'm available again for tuition and general fannying around with drums in Aberdeen/ shire, or on tour as a drumtech/ splitter driver
  9. I am Gigantor, I towered over Jan at Eddie Izzard and admired his attempt at moustachio mayhem
  10. I'm looking forward to when $huttr$pd finish their paper rounds, so they can come back on here and tell us which Alanis Morissette song they are gonna cover .
  11. Here is the goddess doing her grungiest . Taylor Hawkins oot of The Foo Fighters is whacking the drums for her cos he loves the grunge, he even joined Dave oot of Nirvans band, after Kurt went a bit bonkers wi thon gun, so ye ken it maks sense to cover Alanis. I bet they play you on Northsound 1 AND 2 if you cover Alanis. I think we should have a vote on which Alanis song $huttr$pd should dae . Her Humps -
  12. I want to hear $huttr$pd doing a cover version of a famous song, something like a grunge classic by Nirvana or Alanis Morissette, or else I'd like something unusual like a grunge version of my humps by that girl that pisses herself onstage and waggles aboot her bum , the song is OK, but she isna as nice as Alanis,I bet SHE disna pee hersel .I WOULD definately pee masel if $huttr$pd did a version of this -even an accoustic ane would be braw .
  13. I'd like $huttr$pd to do a cover of the Alanis Morissette song Ironic, it would be great if they all grew their hair long and made a video in their dads car, especially if they drove past the Beach Ballroom and we could see the sea through the car windae .Alanis is the true goddess of Canadian grunge. I saw Nirvana at Reading one year but they never got me as excited as hearing a band from Aberdeen Scotland on Myspace playing grunge, mon the $huttr$pd and Alanis, she is a bit bonkers but her hair is nice,I wish she would dye it Purple as a tribute to that lucky cow fa is gan oot wi one o them
  14. if I was a stalker I'd pretend to be Sheryl Cole, sitting outside your flat watching you, my flaps would be as juicy as a ripe Peach, unfortunately with a T shirt like that on, it's more likely that I am Jimmy Somerville, waiting outside to follow you to the nearest park in hope of some durty action behind a tree
  15. that sounds groovy, Haribo snakes are fine, driving fast is ok on the motorway, and makin a loud din is ace, as lang as it's wi drums and stuff, I'm nae afa keen on pushing buttons on mixing desks, but I'll easily dae the lights and other interesting stuff like video,and setting shit up, especially if it gets me awa fae here for a few nights
  16. Mary-Chapin Carpenter, Passionate Kisses Video by - MySpace Video
  17. I once woke up on a REALLY comfy settee, coned as a stunt and drunk as a skunk, turgid as a broomhandle and gob deep in some quines moo, I canna complain
  18. mug? I occasionally get paid to take the door money in The Tunnels,The Moorings and Drummonds and out of town venues. I get money and drinks, and sometimes food, it's a nice arrangement .
  19. 3 months later... Chinese dog becomes breakfast for 2 tiger cubs.
  20. Booking fee?. I don't want to book a ticket, I want to pay on the door, like I did hundreds of times in the past WITHOUT being charged an additional fee . Until the booking fees are removed I will NOT be paying to enter the place . Pity really,I have seen hundreds of great bands there, but I'd rather go to Drummonds or Tunnels or The Warehouse or The Moorings or even The Malt Mill or Globe, anywhere without booking fees is fine by me .
  21. Biz

    feed me now

    looking for work driving acts around in splitter vans or tasty cars/ being a roadie / drumtech /drummer / drum tutor / DJ /ticketeer /merch guy and anything else interesting . I'll do it cheap if I like you, and / or your music, otherwise it will cost more.
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