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  1. More info on the Roland ep75 since I was asked about it via PM. 76 note weighted keyboard with touch sensitivity 8 preset tones using acclaimed HP series sounds 11 onboard piano accompaniment syles 5w x 2 stereo sound system. Comes with stand, hard case, genuine Roland PSU, one pedal for "soft" or "damper". In as-new condition, never been gigged. Looking for £200 ono
  2. I'm open to offers on any of this stuff, I'm needing shot of most of it anyway, and the more cash I have to take with me the better. I can get photos sorted for any of the items if needed.
  3. I have nae money left for our honeymoon so time to offload some stuff. Encore Precision Bass Not desperate to sell this but I will for the right offer. 4 string P Bass made ages ago. Weighs a ton and sounds ace. Peavey MkIII Series 300 CHS Bass Head 150 watts - 4 ohms. Ace amp, only selling because I have my old Laney beast working again. Selmer Treble and Bass 50 Valve Head 70s amp, sounds ace and fully working. Again, I'm not desperate to sell this but I will for the right offer. Roland EP75 Electric Piano Here is a link to the owners manual - http://media.rolandus.com/manuals/HP-130_EP-85_EP-75_OM.pdf This belongs to the Missus, she bought a real piano a few years ago so this is superfluous now. Comes with hard case and stand. It is in full working order. Morley Classic Wah Bought for use with my bass but it doesn't handle it, especially as down-tuned as mine is. Ideal for guitar. Unused other than one practice to find it is nae use. Even comes packaged in its original box. Morley Pedals - Classic Wah Pedal I plan to buy the Dual bass version when I am in the States, they are ace pedals. Open to decent, sensible offers on all of the above. Photos available on request Based in Aberdeen, will deliver within a reasonable distance.
  4. I am looking for a Laney FS2 footswitch. If anyone has one lying unused, or if anyone has a wiring diagram so I can make my own one up, please give me a shout. Cheers
  5. The Best Page In The Universe. Yip. His method for splitting up with a girlfriend is the best. "Headbutt her in the tits......"
  6. Not all of the gold in Fort Knox would encourage me to get into a car with a learner... *shudder*
  7. Wish I had the cash to buy this! Curses!
  8. Raging Speedhorn Superjoint Ritual Eyehategod And from out-with sludge... Sikth, NATAS and Eminem.
  9. This gig was a blast, both to play and to watch! Thanks to the promoter and to everyonerhat stood rather slack-jawed as we made our own particular brand of noise!
  10. Jeebus, my bottle as only 32!! I got my Sink the Bismark for 40!! o_O
  11. I've been paranoid for years. Mega LULz for all of the usual humourless comments that follow that particular statement.
  12. - Just awesome. No gimmicks, just the band playing. What more could you ask for?YouTube - Guano Apes - Lords of the boards (Snow) - Always loved this, they had an appeal that most bands of that era didn't. The fact that Sandra Nasi? is infinitely more attractive than Fred Durst may have helped. - Well, it's Raging Speedhorn, innit!
  13. EYEHATEGOD - Southern Discomfort COC - Rabid Dogs Iron Monkey - Cornucopia Hatebreed - Bound to Violence Led Zeppelin - Ramble On Bongzilla - Weed Witch Spiers & Boden - Doleful Dance of Death Soilent Green - Last one in the Noose Crowbar - Still I Reach Clutch - Space Grass Pantera - It Makes Them Disappear Neurosis - Enclosure in Flame
  14. Best Aberdeen gig in ages (not counting Wormrot), a damned fine evening. So glad I got back from France on Sunday so I could catch it!
  15. Phil Anselmo Stephen Hawking Eddie Izzard
  16. Can I have some warning, just so I can take the washing in? Cheers.
  17. Dear God, Not My Face. If you don't use that as a band name, I will!
  18. Photoshop Batch commands are a lifesaver for pishy jobs.
  19. Me please, I will have one! Hoping I will be free for this one, should be a good 'un.
  20. paranoid

    Bass wanted

    I have an Encore Precision I am willing to sell. 80 and it is yours.
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