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  1. http://graderhc.bandcamp.com/ Check out the first song we've put out from our new release "Underheaven" 12" Pre-Orders can be bought from www.grader.bigcartel.com
  2. http://youtu.be/YYwuN5sCwFA We've been quiet for the last few months, writing and recording our next release. When i can post a full song i will, but above is a clip with footage from Hevy Fest, Ghostfest and a few tours we did last year and a part of "On My Mind" that is on the 12".
  3. No idea at all, dont know much about it other than the guy i got it from, got it from Paul ETV
  4. I Got it from Ross Gordon, i think he got it of him?
  5. USA Made in 2001. Gold hardware and a Gibson case. 2" crack in the paint on the back from belt rash, other than that, solid. Not chambered, very heavy. £500
  6. Looking to clear some space for new items. Electro Harmonix Octave Multiplxer, works perfectly but is without box - £50 Mooer Blue Faze Fuzz pedal - £30 Mooer Ensemble Chorus pedal - £30 Or both for £50 Blackstar HT-Boost. RRP £130. massive pedal "The HT-BOOST's guitar pedal's high voltage gain circuit is like adding two extra hot valve stages to your amp. Unlike inferior battery powered products, you don't lose any precious dynamics or tone. Add to this an all-valve cut and boost tone section and a high level output, specially designed to drive your valve amp hard, and you have the ultimate boost pedal." Comes with the box, blackstar 3 year warranty and the power supply, in as new condition. £80. Will trade for Ibanez tubescreamers, Maxon OD808's, Electo Harmonix Effects, Boss Effects or a Holy Grail Reverb.
  7. This is my current rig. Hiwatt Hi-Gain 100 watt head Orange 212OB B Matamp 412 Mooer Blue Faze Mooer Ensamble King Mooer Hustle Drive Electro-Harmonix Nano Clone Electro-Harmonix Octave Multiplexer Biyang Baby Boom Time Machine Boss DD3 Boss TU2 Boss TR2 (Keeley Mod) Gibson Les Paul 50's Replica (Tri Burst) (Chambered) Gibson Les Paul Studio (black, Gold Hardware) (Non Chambered) Gibson SG Special (Faded Cherry) W/EMG 81 in the Bridge Epiphone 335 Studio Dot (Cherry Red) Looking to sell everything from my pedal board except the Boss stuff, hope to buy a Holy Grail and a maxon OD808
  8. Pictures on request. looking for £450 ono. make me an offer. has never been used outside of the house.
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