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  1. I have never had a hangover before, hopefully will never get one after reading about all this hell you guys go through! Maybe I just don't drink enough or just that I am young enough so that they haven't caught up with me yet as I am not that far into my forties. :-)
  2. Nice one, been wanting to see Regardless Of Me for a while now, really like their album and I fly back into Aberdeen around midday as well, good timing!
  3. Totally awesome live band! Gutted I am out of town for this but anybody that likes some quirky offbeat hard rock/metal fronted by a very charismatic singer should go to this.
  4. I could have sworn The Answer are playing The Tunnels in October but haven't seen a gig listing here. Would have thought that would have been pretty big news considering their profile these days and the last time they were up when little known it was pretty packed!
  5. Got tickets for me and the better half, looking forward to this one, decent line up as well.
  6. you can't go wrong with some Amorettes, not sure if I am in the country yet then but if so I will be there.
  7. Nice one, will be going to see this, they were good at Bloodstock.
  8. Max Manus: Man Of War Norwegian film so mostly subtitled but some of it is in English during the bit they filmed in Scotland. True story film of the Norwegian resistance in WW2.
  9. Probably but not 100% sure, I have bought 14 tickets now for folks and I had others ask me tonight, most of the tour is sold out so I would figure this would be a pretty popular gig. Mark from Glassman told me about 8pm ish for them so would figure around 9 ish for The Virginmarys. When I saw them in Edinburgh last year the gig was rammed.
  10. sent you a PM for tickets cheers
  11. They were very good, enjoyed their set very much
  12. Good stuff, will pm you Wednesday about getting the tickets off you Thur. ta
  13. Good stuff, will take ten off you but tied up with stuff out of town till Thur 31st March, you going to be anywhere in town that evening?
  14. Being back in Scotland again for a wee while means I can get to all these excellent gigs, bringing friends up from Edinburgh for this one, nice.
  15. They came up by megabus last time and were knackered and felt they gave a sub standard performance. Seemingly they are normally even better by quite some margin according to some of my friends in Edinburgh so looking forward to it.
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