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  1. boo, moved / deleted, any other link so i know what it was?
  2. i was wondering how they deal with this, how to actually enforce the rule if it's happened due to a transfer?
  3. not the best week to have a cup, could've been a lot closer against my opponent but his 4 extra transfers taking 16 off his total was a nice touch! -4 for him!
  4. i finished with Orange, bought a HTC phone fae argos & got a sim from Tesco, unlimited text/internet & 500 mins, 10 a month, no contract, although i'm doing it every month...
  5. Iain Lee - had someone ask for my autograph & also in supermarket my friends confirmed I was said person to confused "i recognise him from breakfast telly (RI:SE)" lady Vincent Cassell - someone asked if I was french as I looked familiar, thus became a common one. Mark Smith - S'Express. Twice. Mark Watson - Once. Perhaps due to beard as I don't wear glasses. Other than that I've been mistaken for random unknowns, folk thinking they know me. On holiday, on stage at Drummonds. I reckon there are a few clones going about or a few brothers I've not been told about. Perhaps my double has crossed from the 'other side'...
  6. never watched 24 but i've got a feeling that I could borrow them all from Johnny Mac?!
  7. i'm feeling compelled to push the wildcard button this week, will wait and see how chelsea & arsenal do tonight before i push confirm. whole defence + 3 midfielders to boot...
  8. thought i was being clever waiting for midweek carling cup & any injuries to show by today, little did i know values can go up at any time! a few .1k's wasted. i much preferred only having a few transfers a season so i don't have to think too much every week!
  9. i quite liked one of their singles. not seen them live (as far as i recall... they've maybe played a festival when i've been under the influence). was thinking about going for a look at the lemon tree but alas too late. hope i was allowed to make this comment & it causes no Offence?
  10. saw "bubs" in Fringe season 3 premiere last night, good to see him get some work - he's driving a cab in an alternate universe, always knew he'd stay clean & get a job! ;-)
  11. for a wee festival i only had a handful of acts i wanted to see, can't be that hard?!... yet still missed jj bull & a few others, sorry dude! was listening to a lot of wizard acts on spofity beforehand to get me in the mood, but the weather (while it lasted) meant beer took over... it's fair to say not everyone appreciated my "Die" text to all recent contacts at 10pm on the friday... still i made the paper!
  12. my initial reaction to the open air stage = hope it stays dry. was a bit wet & windy last year!
  13. reading that, i just can't resist linking to this, commentary gold.
  14. indeed. if they had planned on doing this you'd think they'd have told students when signing up or sending out their ticket. perhaps it's a reaction to lower season ticket sales and an increased amount of u12s / students / concessions. announcing at half time in first match when nobody is listening(i never heard if) and on the official website isn't going to help all fans either. i'll be at the wizard fest for killie match but will be interested in how strict they are. i reckon for this match they'll be lenient and say "if you don't bring it next match you won't get it" and at 2.55pm when it's busy(especially if we beat super J's) they may let a few in past without stopping them.
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