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  1. aye i'm not knocking it (i work in Drummonds/Tunnels etc). Just saying that not ALL battle of the bands are bad. Look at Autum in Disguise (Think thats their name). They did that Red Bull thing and by the sounds of it had an amazing summer playing festivals that they may not have had the chance to otherwise. don't get me wrong there is a lot of shit as well, but sometimes they can help if run correctly.
  2. what about the current battle of the bands being held in Tunnels/Drummonds? some pretty respectable bands involved in that and with a decent prize.
  3. Hey folks, Selling the below item. Used it, well once, since November and is just gathering dust. Looking to sell it for 120 o.n.o. Anyone interested give me a shout. http://http://www.gear4music.com/PA-DJ-and-Lighting/Hercules-DJ-Console-RMX-DJ-Controller-and-Audio-Interface/AVX
  4. Tom Russel is a pretty well respected DJ from what i know. But thats all i know. What you got to lose?! PS - If you haven't seen before on this site everyone fucking hates Battle of the Bands.
  5. We (Fridge Magnets) are also playing this year, Friday 6.30pm on the Jock The Reaper Stage. Early slot but if you are about and fancy a mini rave come along, if not hope i'll see a few of you over the weekend! My first time so can't wait.
  6. I agree. Feel gutted for the guys putting it on.
  7. cheers man, i've mailed him already. fingers crossed!
  8. hey folks., anyone selling a T in the Park thurs - sun CAMPING ticket. gimme a shout steven x
  9. Fridge Magnets's Photos - Wall Photos | Facebook This sat folks!! Here's a link to a nice few words about Fridge Magnets from Jim G in last Fridays Sun newspaper.
  10. Again agreed. Alot of music, drinking, missing work, shagging women and the occasional scrap. DHC was the best.
  11. i know someone who is selling a weekend ticket (NO CAMPING). ?
  12. "indie lad" ha. What the fuck's an indie lad? I was well into my Bass Generator LONG ago .
  13. Appreciate the feedback folks. Certainly diff than my Kashmir Red days indeed. But good constructive feedback all of which is taken on board. Were playing a gig at the Lemon Tree July 2nd with the Little Kicks which should be a lot of fun if you want to come and see us live. It is very night club ish if im honest, but its what were going for, just as a live band opposed to a DJ. (if that makes any sense).
  14. Cheers mi man. We're all pretty happy with it, was good fun and seems to be getting some decent exposure.
  15. Hello, Below is the link to new Fridge Magnets Video for upcoming single "Death Of ROck N ROll". Released June 6th. Fridge-Magnets's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free Fridge Magnets | Facebook Hope you enjoy.
  16. dont think its every night. I have seen about 3 showcases so far with no TV crew - thank god.
  17. SAT- 14th May - 1pm. Tunnels. We have day two of our video shoot which will take place at Tunnels, Aberdeen recreating a live gig scene and need as many folk as possible to come down. For your attendance we shall provide some alcohol to get you in the mood and also if you fancy a party that night we will have an area booked at Tiger Tiger, Aberdeen for anyone who fancies making a full night & day of it. Timings to follow asap. Cheers Steven.
  18. Ah gutting news. Think we've all used Bruce Millers over the years...was a daily lunch haunt for me for a while as well. There is gonna be fuck all on Union Street soon.
  19. just found out i have to work the next day.....ah well not the first time DHc has caused a major hangover at work. have actually never came out of snafu sober.
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