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  1. Well, after a long break we opened some beers and wrote some more songs. Hopefully going to play a few gigs at some point and see how it goes. Couple of songs here would really appreciate any feedback anyone has....
  2. Cheers mate, thought that would be roughly where you would be pitching. Bit over my budget though am afraid, will have to pass this time but thanks anyway!
  3. Hi mate, do you have any idea of how much you're looking for? I'm in the market for a wah, and just putting some feelers out.....
  4. Seagate in Dundee has the best quality recordings of anywhere in the area in my humble... Relatively cheap from what I recall and the whole place is top notch.
  5. If it's not gone already then I'll take it off your hands straight away? Live in town so can meet you any time that's good for you.
  6. If you still have it at the end of next week I'll be on it.... any pics at all?
  7. I'm up for a jam session if you're still needing a guitarist.

    Brett - 07730009909

  8. Guitarist wanted for new Aberdeen based rock band. Bit too punky to be metal, bit too metal to be grunge, and a bit too grungy to be punk. Riffs and melodies….it’s all about the riffs and melodies. Songs written and just wanting to get into the practice rooms and start polishing them into something giggable. Looking for a rhythm guitarist with backing vocals / harmonies, ideally with prior band/gigging experience etc. Into Metallica, Alice In Chains, Finch, Killswitch, early Blink and NFG, Sublime etc, but sound like none of them. Get in touch if you're interested....
  9. I used to have the same problem - are you running a....uhem...cracked copy perchance....? If not, then it could be one of your plugins crashing it, I found that Guitar Rig for some reason made it give up the ghost. Failing that, try re-installing?
  10. I use Ableton pretty much exclusively. Just out of familiarity more than anything else. I've used Pro-Tools, Cubase but always come back to Ableton for some reason. I find it pretty straightforward to use, and their online support is really good if you do have any issues. I've got Reaper installed but never really used it in anger. Mind you, long weekend ahead so there's every chance....
  11. Get it bought sweetcheeks! Make amends for all those dirty drinks on Sat night......
  12. Reluctantly selling this, because I'm not playing anymore and it's just taking up room in the flat. Is an awesome head, loud as fook with a lovely sound. The cleans are the best I've heard from a Marshall, and the dirty sound is just brilliant in my opinion. Full specs are here, but I'd imagine most people interested in it would know all the main features; http://marshallamps.com/downloads/files/DSL100_50%20hbk.pdf Have gigged it and recorded with it many many times, and has never let me down once. Was serviced by none other than Dennis Marshall back in September, and has never sounded sweeter. Has a footswitch with it that has been modified so that it changes both channel and reverb which the original switch couldn't do. Has all the normal marks etc associated with being gigged and carried all over the place, but works absolutely perfectly and sounds great. £500 Either send me a PM here or a text on 07809 736 918
  13. Pilot Error


    Anyone heard of the new 007 viagra? It makes you roger more.....
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