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  1. Computers: - MacBook Pro (i7, 8GB RAM, 750GB 7400RPM HDD) - 1st Gen iMac (Intel core duo, 4GB RAM, 500GB 7400RPM HDD) DAW: - Pro Tools 11 on the MacBook - Ableton Live 8 on the iMac Audio Interface: - Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 - AVID MBox Mini Control Surface: - Digidesign 003 Monitoring: - KRK Rokit 5s - Sennheiser HD380 Pro Outboard gear: - ART Studio V3 tube preamp - Radial Engineering Pro-RMP Reamper - Roland RE-201 Space Echo Guitar Amps: - Marshall 18W Bluesbreaker DIY build - Linear Concord head from the 60s - Jet City JCA20H - Zenta CD-6SD Guitar Cabinet: - Jet City JetStream ISO Cab Analogue Mixer: - Teac Model 2A Reel to Reel: - Akai 4000DB Microphones: - Shure SM57 - Shure SM58 - AKG C2000B - AKG D190E - Behringer C2 (matched pair) I have a pretty generous collection of plug-ins including the waves Gold bundle, Scheps 73 and the SSL 4000 Collection. Generally I use XLN audio's Addictive Drums 2 VI for drum sounds, I find its really flexible after you get 2 or 3 of the add on kits and you can bounce the dry sounds to audio tracks in PT and use other plug ins to process the sounds. I tend to track bass through the ART Studio V3, It's not a great pre, but it give a little more oopmf to your signal in comparison to the pres on the Pro 40 (although they aren't at all bad) With electric guitars I'll get a DI track using the ART, then I'll use the Radial Reamper to send the DI track through whatever pedals/amp I want to use. I have my combos and the ISO cab in the spare bedroom and have the amp heads under my desk. This set up is great as I can monitor guitar sounds through my monitors and adjust amp settings to taste before committing. I use my space echo for the reverb, I don't have many reverb plug ins, and none of them compare to this unit (in my opinion) As for the reel to reel, this barely sees any use. Originally I would run my drums through it quite hot and it did some nice things, but I now have the Eddie Kramer Master Tape plug in, which is far more flexible than the Akai. I've used it as a tape delay as well, but as a one speed machine its not even remotely adjustable.
  2. Cash Converters on George Street had a ZT lunchbox and ext cab in the front window not so long ago, its pretty specialist so it could still be there if you want to try one before you buy
  3. Sounds interesting! I'd love to hear the track you've done and see if you guys sound how it does in my head!
  4. Is the shergold the dual mono or single stereo jack version?
  5. Could be interested. What realm of psych/experimental rock are we talking about here? influences?
  6. Been in the process of sorting out my gear now that I've moved flat, just need to try get rid of the spare bed then I can get the rest of the stuff out of boxes!
  7. With the right interface you can hook up multiple rack effects and use them as inserts or create aux busses for them. I use a focus rite saffire pro 40, which you can hook 8 different units up to
  8. A rack unit. Like http://www.gak.co.uk/en/tc-electronic-m-350/7049 I use a Roland Space Echo, super simple.
  9. When it comes to reverb, if I have to use a plugin, I go for the softube TSAR-1 reverb. Really simple great sounding plug in. If its possible, you should consider going for some hardware for your reverbs, they tend to be much easier to use, and you can pick one up used for about the same cost as something like the TSAR.
  10. Pink guitars sound the best. I recently purchased this beauty. It sounds AND looks amazing.
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