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  1. Well, after a long break we opened some beers and wrote some more songs. Hopefully going to play a few gigs at some point and see how it goes. Couple of songs here would really appreciate any feedback anyone has....
  2. Cheers mate, thought that would be roughly where you would be pitching. Bit over my budget though am afraid, will have to pass this time but thanks anyway!
  3. Hi mate, do you have any idea of how much you're looking for? I'm in the market for a wah, and just putting some feelers out.....
  4. Seagate in Dundee has the best quality recordings of anywhere in the area in my humble... Relatively cheap from what I recall and the whole place is top notch.
  5. If it's not gone already then I'll take it off your hands straight away? Live in town so can meet you any time that's good for you.
  6. If you still have it at the end of next week I'll be on it.... any pics at all?
  7. Guitarist wanted for new Aberdeen based rock band. Bit too punky to be metal, bit too metal to be grunge, and a bit too grungy to be punk. Riffs and melodies….it’s all about the riffs and melodies. Songs written and just wanting to get into the practice rooms and start polishing them into something giggable. Looking for a rhythm guitarist with backing vocals / harmonies, ideally with prior band/gigging experience etc. Into Metallica, Alice In Chains, Finch, Killswitch, early Blink and NFG, Sublime etc, but sound like none of them. Get in touch if you're interested....
  8. I used to have the same problem - are you running a....uhem...cracked copy perchance....? If not, then it could be one of your plugins crashing it, I found that Guitar Rig for some reason made it give up the ghost. Failing that, try re-installing?
  9. I use Ableton pretty much exclusively. Just out of familiarity more than anything else. I've used Pro-Tools, Cubase but always come back to Ableton for some reason. I find it pretty straightforward to use, and their online support is really good if you do have any issues. I've got Reaper installed but never really used it in anger. Mind you, long weekend ahead so there's every chance....
  10. Get it bought sweetcheeks! Make amends for all those dirty drinks on Sat night......
  11. Reluctantly selling this, because I'm not playing anymore and it's just taking up room in the flat. Is an awesome head, loud as fook with a lovely sound. The cleans are the best I've heard from a Marshall, and the dirty sound is just brilliant in my opinion. Full specs are here, but I'd imagine most people interested in it would know all the main features; http://marshallamps.com/downloads/files/DSL100_50%20hbk.pdf Have gigged it and recorded with it many many times, and has never let me down once. Was serviced by none other than Dennis Marshall back in September, and has never sounded sweeter. Has a footswitch with it that has been modified so that it changes both channel and reverb which the original switch couldn't do. Has all the normal marks etc associated with being gigged and carried all over the place, but works absolutely perfectly and sounds great. £500 Either send me a PM here or a text on 07809 736 918
  12. Pilot Error


    Anyone heard of the new 007 viagra? It makes you roger more.....
  13. It was absolutely and 100% when they were supporting Bis - I saw that exact tour at the Cockpit in Leeds. I'd heard of the Raincoats through the linear notes in Nirvana's Incesticide album and also their tour support. Bis were shit. Which should come as no surprise to anyone.
  14. Has anyone got a tuner pedal that they want rid of? Not too concerned what it is, although obviously a TU-2 would be ideal! Needing one pretty urgently, so if anyone has one then just drop a line. Cheers
  15. Long shot maybe after all this time, but is the tuner still available?
  16. Selling a couple of my guitar amps as I've upgraded to a new head and need rid of these to try and fill a bit of the gap in finances! Have taken photographs, but not great as my phone is hardly state of the art. Can't figure out how to post them on here, but if you want pics then just send me a PM and I'll email them to you. Laney 120RH Head - been my main gigging and recording head for the past couple of years and never once let me down. 2 channel, both footswitchable and both work perfectly. The Laney badge from the front has disappeared, but obviously causes no problems. £100 Behringer GMX212 Combo - never gigged but have practiced with it many times and has always been fine and more than loud enough. Has a multitude of effects built into it, as well as many different gain states from light overdrive to really nice fat distortion. I'm not generally a fan of inbuilt effects but these are actually pretty decent. £100 Have had a quick look on ebay and both of these are going new for round about £250, so I reckon £100 each seems fair...but make me an offer and we can talk. Live in Mastrick, so if anyone wants to try them or see then just let me know.
  17. This will be awesome! Very excited about seeing it ever since I heard about it. Loooove Pearl Jam, though prefer the 1st couple of records over everything else. Get in!!
  18. Our singer's fiance plays in a band from Dundee and they were nominated for the best rock band or some nonsense. Came back from the awards laughing at how much of an absolute farce it really was. Frosty exactly right, was basically a load of Glasgow 'judges' giving Glasgow 'acts' the 'awards' and turning it into a self congratulatory piss up - absolutely nothing to do with Scottish New Music whatsoever. Apparently the best punk band was actually a 2-Tone ska band who were as bewildered as everyone else that they won. Was all an utter nonsense by all accounts!
  19. Ah mate, sounds like we've probably been to a lot of the same shows then! I was in a band called Glorybox, which was a bit different to the punk/ska scene cos we were very early AFI/Alkaline Trio-eque but everyone in those days just went to each other's shows and hung out. Also played with Katy in a riot grrl type band called The Tidy Housewives, and we were mind blowingly pish! I remember Bosseye very well! Used to know Kristian and Becky really well and of course Jamie who played bass (and was married to Katy) and Rob on guitar who was Jamie's brother. Such an incestuous scene round there. Jamie's over in the states now too, but can be found online as Mr Bear doing a lot of dubby, Mr Bungle type stuff. Aaron started singing in a band called Mafia Vs Ninja, then also Deadbeat At Dawn who are both great. My hometown Thirsk really was a hotspot for punk rock! Aaron Beat Up still going strong too as far as I'm aware....
  20. Was really fucking great! They all had interchangable members back then, Aaron, Katy and Bob from Write Offs joined then quit Dead Pets. And then Jimbo was in Freaks Union, and the guys from Homebrew were in Joe 90 and on and on it went. All really good mates, but Sweeny Todd now in US doing stuff with the guys from Dropkick Murpheys I think. We used to gig with them all the time and was just really happy times!
  21. The first ever gig you ever attended. - Aside from shite school bands, there was the Dead Pets, Write Offs and Homebrew in Thirsk Town Hall. Was Dead Pets 1st ever gig in fact I think The best ever gig you ever attended. - No question...Nirvana at Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton back in 1991, was only a nipper but had been my favourite band since Bleach and I was too young to go see them at The Dutchess in Leeds in 89. Seeing Jimmy Eat World play twice in a day at the Leeds Fest in 2007 (I think) was pretty awesome too. The worst ever gig you ever attended. - Aside from small local bands, has to be when my girlfriend dragged me to see either The Airbourne Toxic Event or Glasvegas. Both horrible, horrible gigs by boring boring bands. Oh...and Vampire Weekend. Gads. The first ever gig you ever played. - My 1st band put our own show on in a local community centre. Played Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana covers and all our mates pretended it was ace. The best ever gig you ever played. - The last night of my first ever tour, played to a heaving Arches in Barnsley and everything just went right. Sound was spot on, everyone was dancing, the beers were flowing and we sold out of shirts. The worst ever gig you ever played. - Played a hardcore all-dayer at Joseph's Well in Leeds, which would have been awesome had we been a hardcore band. Got bottled, abused, lit fags flicked at us and all before we finished the 1st song. Not pleasant....
  22. Immediate favourites of mine... Nirvana - Where did you sleep last night Metallica - Turn The Page Sublime - 5446 What's My Number Johnny Cash - Hurt
  23. Seeings as our local self-promotion is practically zero, due mostly (in fact completely) to my own laziness, I though I should really start doing something about it. Anyhow, over the past 6 months we've done around 40 shows all over Scotland, with a few more on the horizon; 5th August - Montrose @bar 6th August - Aberdeen Pride Festival on The Green 12th August - Lemon Tree w/ Brothers Reid, Lorelei, Soulfire & The Ruckus 26th August - Mad Hatters Inverness w/ Brothers Reid & The Lorelei 2nd September - Cafe Drummonds Recording at Elba Studios again on 20th & 21st August for our new 4 track EP, and then heading out on tour at the start of October. Not sure how interested people are, but would be good to get feedback etc if anyone's seen us at all? Can be found at Crooked Little Vein | Facebook which has our previous EP for listening Cheers, CLV
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