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  1. The bass isn't for sale anymore because for me to try and make a bit of extra money I seem to not be welcomed when stuck up a*rseholes feel free to say how s*it my bass is.
  2. You've very much undermined yourself there saying abusive words is unexeptable when you type what I said which was the F word.
  3. I'm not used to Aberdeen Music's website yet and I realised I'm in the wrong forum after I posted this. Yeah, I got a hold of them and apparently I'm not around their age group which is fine! The closest Oasis experience I get to is when I get out my guitar and jam a few songs on the speakers around the Christmas and New Year time (when a house full of drunk relatives are screaming supersonic with beer spilling in one hand). If there are people who are reading this post, yeah I'm still interested in joining a band. Any genre or style. Aslong as I'm doing some gigging!
  4. I'm selling a bass so I can earn a bit of money and buy a Rickenbacker 480 my friend is selling to me and I'm getting the piss taken out of what I'm selling. That's not right! And how can people get confused when I clearly state I have a Starcaster Jazz Bass in my add, tool! Gibsons are for guitarists that think they are too big for their boots because they forked out a grand or two on a les Paul, over rated! The action is awful on them! All I'm saying is, what's wrong with Epiphone's? I'm selling a bass for anyone interested in starting out. If not, then fuck off!
  5. I've played both star caster and your standard jazz bass and there are no difference at all to the sounding. Does owning a Gibson make you two great guitarists?
  6. Just a man trying to sell a bass. Like to see your gear nob jock.
  7. I'm looking to join any band! I'm 17 and I play guitar. I play a Vintage VSA 535 and a Jim Deacon Tele and run them both through an Orange amp. Mostly influenced by Brit Pop, Indie Rock and the Madchester Scene. Doesn't mean I'm not open minded!
  8. I have a Fender Jazz Bass for sale. Ideally looking around £150 for it but I'm open to any offers. I'll send you some pictures of the bass, text 07730009909. It's in great condition, reason for selling is my fingers aren't made for slapping the bass. Haha. It's a quality bass! Got a Kasabian vibe to it or whatever bassist you have in mind that uses a jazz bass.
  9. I'll offer you £100 for it. That's all I've got! Haha.
  10. I'm up for a jam session if you're still needing a guitarist.

    Brett - 07730009909

  11. Alright? Are you still poking for a guitarist? Shoot me a text on 07730009909 if you want to jam. Kasabian, Oasis, the Stone Roses influenced guitarist who seeks indie rock, 90's alternative band. Brett.
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