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  1. I’ve not listened to this until now, but coming onto this site and reading these comments, well I had to!…... I’ve flicked through it and the one stand out element that has not previously been noted is kenny’s trombone rifs/refrains/melodies which are the stand out parts. And I think are great. You still have the same issue with the back line from when you were with the oxbows (and why I decided not to release any of that material we recorded). The drums are lazy and the bass technique is ‘avant’ to the beat. It then combines to create something very loose and messy. When I’ve overdubbed the bass on our recorded tracks it improves as the organ and (lazy beat) drums are locked in together better. So I would advise locking in with the drums and organ more on the bass i.e. change your bass technique. I have to agree with the above that this is a tad boring (and a bit geeky!) impersonation of the oxbow lake band. As a first attempt at song writing and recording, I genuinely don’t think it’s that bad! But I’d request that you go and find your own identity, something unique and original for yourselves. I’m amazed to find out you’re even doing the same arrangements of cover songs as the oxbows, in your live set. Surely you had some plan to create your own sound and set list? Sorry, but this isn’t so much ‘rearranging deckchairs’, but knocking them all over into a bit of a ramshackle pile. You could tap into the creative mind of Kenny, his punk ska melodies are great. Play to your strengths.
  2. Not been on here for a while, so apologies, but thought i'd share this as it's a crackin festival and only a few miles from aberdeen. nothing to do with the fact we're on the friday night! but if you fancy some real ale and dancing to the oxbows till the dawn (ok, maybe only till 12, i think....), well..... http://www.nts.org.uk/Events/Pitmedden-Garden/Pitmedden-Music-Festival/
  3. Looking at an option to have a guitarist, as I can't be arsed playing anymore! Mixture of riffage and rythmn. Songwriters welcome. New album will touch on freakbeat, soul, RnB, Funk, soul etc we are booked for 1 or 2 festivals a month from may till end of october around the north of scotland. Last EP link here - https://theoxbowlake.bandcamp.com/album/boy-angus-ep We get national airplay, paid well and can pick our gigs, but don't let that give the impression we are well organised! so you'll need to be ready to take on some of the workload. Not for those who shuffle about in the shadows but for those who walk tall in the sunshine. Self confidence, ethics and humour are as important as talent. email oxbow.lake@btinternet.com cheers andy
  4. ebay technics 1210's mark 2, cheap, good,... yeah last for ever
  5. really encourage folk to buy the vinyl from the cavern in belmont street or vinyl/CD from captian toms. They take a share and good to support them. And it saves me having to post them oot! Cassettes also available on site. cheers andy Some cracking feedback on record:- 'A banger! And it's great!' Craig Charles (bbc 6music radio funk and soul show) "Funky bunch of chaps, we like that" Stephen Duffy (the jazz house bbc radio Scotland) "Very very good indeed" (the legend) Paul jones BBC radio 2 "A bit of a belter!" Andy Lewis (DJ, acid jazz artist, modernist and paul wellers bass player) "Dexy's with a touch of the Style Council" Huffington Post "Brilliant" jim gellatly amazing radio "Time for some early morning soul" Tom morton (BBC radio Scotland ) "Storming diamond of an EP" scootering magazine "Nice!" Heavy soul mag. "great groove" Captain Stax (Mod Radio UK) "very nice indeed" Wayne Hemingway (Designer & Vintage Festival Head) "Fabulous tune" Pete the punk Shmu FM!! "If the redskins had hung about a bit longer and got into acid jazz" Mark Raison
  6. http://theoxbowlake.bandcamp.com/ RnB, beat, soul and reggae played by craig charles funk and soul show at weekend. Launch night at march of the mods tomorrow, but it's sold out. Can buy online or from the cavern. limited vinyl to 200 Cd to 50 new website http://www.theoxbowlake.co.uk/ cheers
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8F0_KaU-fw www.facebook.com/retromoderne vintage club night with the oxbow lake band and DJ's steve willox (northern soul legend) and lloyd miller and andy oxbow lake, playing soul, r&b, ska, reggae, hammond, boogaloo etc change of location now at downstairs holburn street. The soul cellar!!! cheers
  8. do you take requests? when i think of a take on old blues harmonica I can only think of little sonny's version of wade in the water.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brC-dgK5aKk&list=PLAA4A353AFF0B76F9&index=5 Please make this happen and I'll be there!
  10. Do you need to have hair like Liam, or er...any hair?
  11. bought tickets for Festival no 6 (advertising on here now too!) before they announced bands after last years top class line up. jeez, I'd wished I'd waited!
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