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Can you recommend some Ambient music?


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mick harris (LULL) Amazon.co.uk: Continue: Music: Lull

J K Broadrick (NULL) Amazon.co.uk: Terminal Beach: Music: Null

Martyn Bates & Mick Harris too... Amazon.co.uk: Murder Ballads: Incest Songs: Music: M.J. Harris & Martyn Bates

there is a great "isolationism" CD comp ("curated" by Kevin Martin (one half of Ice / God / Sidewinder with broadrick being the other) that pulls together some fantastic sparse / haunting / nihilistic ambient stuff...I am sure you can pick it up on the cheap. (review)

Amazon.co.uk: A Brief History of Ambient Vol.4: Isolationism: Music: Various Artists

This list should get you started! (tracklisting from the CD)

1. Lost - Null, K.K.

2. Flat Without A Back - O'Rourke, Jim (1)

3. Dredger - Ice (1)

4. Strangers - Bjorkenheim, Raoul

5. Daisy Gun - Zoviet France

6. Air Lubricated Free Axis Trainer - Labradford

7. Self Strangulation - Techno Animal

8. Hallucinations (In Memory Of Reinaldo Arenas) - Schutze, Paul

9. Silver Rain Fell - Scorn

10. Lost In Fog - Disco Inferno

11. Six - Total (1)

12. Once Again I Cast Myself Into The Flames Of Atonement - Nijiumu

13. Aphex Airlines - Aphrodisiac (1)

14. Vandoevre - AMM (2)

15. Lief - Seefeel

16. O'rang - Little Sister (2)

17. Hydroponic - Experimental Audio Research

18. Desert Flower - Sufi

19. Burial Rites - Toop, David & Max Eastley

20. Crater Scar (Adrenchrome) - Main (1)

21. Hide - Final (1)

22. Thoughts - Lull (1)

23. Kamom - Koner, Thomas

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Wow, thanks for that guys!

I will check all of these out.

Its funny how guys who once made music with Napalm Death end up making ambient stuff!

Brian Eno.. Heard a lot about him but never really heard his music, will check it out Alan.


It's one of the reasons mick left ND...they didn't like "his direction"...The First Scorn LP is like a mixture of Godflesh, Napalm Death and "Ambience" (lots of dub whigouts at the end of tracks)...I thought it was an amazing departure of the ND sound at the time, but now I listen to it...you can still hear the influence of the blast stuff in it...

blah blah.

PS< "FINAL", is Justin Broadrick's more easily gotten Ambient Stuff..."Slashes (////////)" is ana mazing track, you'd love it (just light piano riffs with droney guitars coming in (9 mins long or so)...

and as if by magic...you can get heaps of Final on his avalanche inc website :

s o u n d

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stars of the lid


a lily

boards of canada

tim hecker


marcia blaine school for girls (playing soon in abdn @ an IMP gig, DEF get along)

the dead texan

some do veer into post rock territory, meh

go make us a cd maxi!

Planning on a night out in fundee in the next 2weeks as i'm on holidays. I'll keep you informed...

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and for experimental electronica...

"alarm will sound plays aphex twin"

Amazon.co.uk: Acoustica: Alarm Will Sound Performs Aphex Twin: Music: Alarm Will Sound

I've just got it, and it's amazing...

they (he?) plays the Druqks lp with an orchestra...sounds fantastic.

Really getting into electro and techno lately. Was on holiday a few weeks ago in Berlin techno city... some wicked clubs.

I think the Alex Smoke album stands up against anything I heard over there though. As an album it totally works, more of a journey, rather than it being a collection of disperate techno tunes.

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