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  1. it's because dave and the other guy are so out of touch, you might see them on as sunday massaging their paunches to the sound of basement jaxx down in union terrace gardens- trying to chat with schoolgirls. absolutely true. YRIHF
  2. aye, get the photoshop out. spikey logo's! Brian, you cant reason with metallers, they are a sub race. i learnt that the hard way.
  3. move on man, john peel died years ago. you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo out of touch......you should think of changing career- i hear the Glennbucket estate is looking for someone that can shoot themselves in the foot with a shot gun. i'm being humerous. actually i could learn a lot from two men that play records to other people. I've learnt a lot allready.
  4. ah says, does your band have one of them there spiky logos? I like spiky logo's me, i once tried to make my own spiky logo for my band at the time called intense tablature, we were damned intense, and by christ we were really technical- folk at one of our gigs were askin for slide rules and shit. Anyway the point i'm trying to make is that you're moaning about bands that esteemed rock promoters Fudge have selected to win a badge, and all the bands on the list have excellent spiky logos- but you're band has no logo- let alone aspiky logo, or is your logo so un-spikey that you are ashamed? Thats what i'm talking about, Project Ven Hell have played loads of gigs all over the place, put a cd out and that and are pretty good, many a time they play somewhere and folk cant make out the bands name at all because the logo's so spikey. See? So what you should do in between wanking yourself silly over Kerrang and stinking out rooms at Captain Toms doing your so called "practicing" is getting a good spikey logo. jesus, some folk have no clue. sort that fucking spikey logo out, before you have a go at other bands with spikey logos. Jesus, Bet you Brain puts a spikey logo on the trophy. also cranial mind sounds like an episode of house, or an episode of speedo. once you get the spikey logo sorted i'll be happy to offer some suggestions on song titles- to get you excited here are a few; cludgey of sludge i once read a science fiction book and i just cant let go widdle in squiggle My guitar is pointy
  5. nae bother, thats me- allways trying to help.
  6. he worries about his wieght apparently, so i reckon he'd make a big dent in ethiopia. i cant make my mind up about Bono, i mean it's obvious he's a cunt, but he means well and he's a top singer...
  7. you should work for the UN. "jist put down that machete, lets talk about the Microphones difficult 2nd LP" you and Bono, in a helicopter, ready to go anywhere in the world at amoments notice..........
  8. dont be silly Dave, you really shouldn't be ashamed of the language of the photographer, i know it looks funny all typed up sensible style, but i'm sure when you and hog are down the pub it stops casual listeners finding out just how you folk make the rose come out red and everything else black and white at Kev and Shona's wedding. d' you ken somitimes i think i'm mair funny than biz.... i"kkcle coockle FISHEYE LENSE ooochle bootle ag thingumy PHOTOSHOP arch!" Proffessional photographer's eh, bit like that there Knights of the round table.... "bootle guch QUIT dooorley cuff-eh-buundle KARRTA boootlre oikky flange BECAUSE THEY WIDD NAE tootle bootle, peoples friend, uffy-dunk LET ME PLAY EXTREMES ullku, kakakakaak, MORE THAN WORDS, aaaach-uh, chiiipshop, ten paaast sixx, boooth, urga WHICH WE ALL KNOW IS A CLASSIC, boootle, ech. fiskermargh.
  9. the wee pills in the bathroom cabinet have to be taken everyday biz.
  10. greetings a friend at channel four ( well she's really woking for a production company touting stuff to C4) has claimed that her company are fronting a proposed series on the anthroplology of the internet, some of the interesting themes the series is looking at tackling is the difference between reality and internet personas, the dangers of the internet, and the propoprtion of dangerous , criminal "marginal pursuits" of those that elect to take positions of power in the horizontal hierarchy of the internet. I just wondered if folk on here thought that was an intersesting idea for a programme- and if they had any anecdotes or observations to pass on. I did mention i would post here, and she was quite interested in what i could gather from this "specialist" site. if you dont want to post here, please feel free to e mail me, the adress is on my profile. sorry, bit of an amendment here, i just checked my profile and i have no e mail listed: you can send me a PM or e mail me direct here- davidjamesfarquhar(at)btinternet(dot)com laters gators.
  11. holy shit you're not a total dick. thats one of my favourite films. plus points for strappy
  12. you agree with him up untill you play a gig he's doing the sound, then no doubt like the entire staff of the tunnels you would get a huff up and consign them all to the archives of the " totally unproffesional". I allways assumed you were a schooll kid stripey. you have a really funny attitude by the way. dont join the fuck fest till you've popped yr. cherry
  13. you're kid looks like Glenn Danzig. well you should dye his hair for full effect, but it's quite worrying.....
  14. i was catatonic steaming. Its allmost like i did'nt write it. I might get another user name - Remington Blastcap pissed bitter has been haaargh!
  15. if you mean somerfield i know exactly the wierdo you mean. Oh the stories i could tell about that walking abortion......
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