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  1. Hey, I'm looking for a Cellist for some recording work. Unfortunately can't offer any cash. Send me an email at missbeccamusic@hotmail.co.uk if you'd be up for it. Cheers, Becca
  2. Yea, such a shame it's finished. I played one of the sessions last year, Andy's a really nice guy. Also dowloaded quite a few of the podcasts since then, always put on a great show. Had a lot of my fave bands on too, sorry to see it go. Cheers, B x
  3. Recorded our first band demo today - Sparks Don't Fly MySpace.com - Miss Becca - St Andrews / Buckie, UK - Indie / Electroacoustic - www.myspace.com/missbeccamusic Bx xx
  4. MissBecca

    Your current read?

    Just finished The Bone Collector
  5. Hey, I'd be up for June's acoustic night. Cheers, Becca x MySpace.com - Miss Becca - St Andrews / Buckie, UK - Acoustic - www.myspace.com/missbeccamusic
  6. Thanks so much guys, its appreciated!! ps. if you come along to see me at the Battle of the Bands in The Tunnels on Monday, I'll get you that drink I promised! Becca x
  7. And if releasing an album and getting on tv wasn't enough..... I recieved a phone-call today to tell me I've been shortlisted to support AMY MACDONALD at Rock Against Racism (Troon Concert Hall) in April!! Vote for me at: Rock Against Racism !! (and if you feel like being extra-specially nice tell your friends to vote 2!) Only 4 other acts were shortlisted so there's a real chance I could get this if everyone votes! (Votes go up on the 14th March and are up thill the 21st!) If u go on an vote heaps I'll buy u a drink at my next gig! xxxx
  8. Cheers, had to go as low as 60KB to get it to work! A relief its sent now! Thanks again, Becca x
  9. MissBecca

    Celler 35

    Hey, I'd be up for a gig, check out my myspace and see what you think: MySpace.com - Miss Becca - St Andrews / Buckie, UK - Acoustic - www.myspace.com/missbeccamusic Cheers, Becca
  10. Hey, I know this is off-subject but I saw you guys supporting the Dykeenies at Fat Sams, thought you were really good! Becca x
  11. Everytime I try and register with tbreak it keeps coming up with: "Please correct any errors outlined below and try again: Invalid image - allowed file types are gif, jpg & png" When I try and upload my photo. I've tried all three of these file types and it still comes up with that error message. I'm very confused! Help anyone? Cheers, Becca!
  12. Big charity gig for Mental Health Awareness week at RGU union tomorrow night! Becca x
  13. Hey, just to say I've got another track ("I'll Wait for You") from my forthcoming album "Red She Said" up on myspace: MySpace.com - Miss Becca - St Andrews / Buckie, UK - Acoustic - www.myspace.com/missbeccamusic Got a pile of gigs comin up soon as well! 19 Feb - The Tunnels, Aberdeen 23 Feb - RGU Union, Aberdeen 26 Feb - The Liquid Ship, Glasgow 5 Mar - Rio Cafe, Glasgow 10 Mar - ALBUM LAUNCH PARTY - Student Union, St Andrews 11 Mar - The Tunnels, Aberdeen 14 Mar - Crow Bar, Paisley 17 Mar - The Tunnels - Wizard Festival BOTB, Aberdeen 21 Mar - ALBUM LAUNCH PARTY - Sandisons Bar, Buckie 29 Mar - Hustlers, Dundee Cheers, Becca x x "Red She Said" out on Spook Records March 2008
  14. Just incase anyone's free, I'm playin Thursday Live @ The Lemon Tree this week! FREE entry, doors 12noon, an I'm onstage 1pm! Bx x
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