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  1. The band I play in released a new single yesterday. It's from an album we recorded this year with Craig Ross (Broken Records) at the Depot in Edinburgh, which we're releasing with a gig at the Lemon Tree on 4th April. There's a wee video to go with it, the making of which mainly involved inhaling lots of fibreglass. Links below, please so have a listen and swipe yersel' a free download. Feedback most welcome! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQJWhiWmr5g http://watchfiresband.bandcamp.com/ http://soundcloud.com/watchfires-1
  2. I was away with work, but the missus picked up a few top buys for me. Are any plans to make this a semi-regular thing?
  3. Cowdray Hall is cooncil-run and bar-less as far as I'm aware, so you'd have to seek out a licence and all that palaver. Would be majestic if it was doable. Sounds like you've got it under control, though!
  4. This is a really good idea. Definitely think you're on the right lines with a one-day thing. YES!
  5. Veering into 'Gear I Want' territory, but seeing as we're on the subject of pink guitars... yesh pleash
  6. Looking for a Diago Gigman. Would consider something else of similar quality and size; I'm definitely not looking for anything the size of a surfboard.
  7. A really nice wee place. Warm and clean, which is novel for a practice space! We always use our own amps for practice, but they've got a couple of perfectly fine Marshall combos and a couple of nice cabs; definitely bring a bass amp/head, as the wee Peavey Minx they've got is basically a glorified cup on a string. The drum kit is pretty small and the PA isn't the best ever, but it's perfectly adequate unless you're awfy loud. The acoustics of the room won't be for everyone but I actually like the slightly dampened feel for practice. I reckon it's easier to separate out the tracks and listen for what's working and what isn't. Different strokes, tomatoes, potatoes, etc.Definitely worth a try. We go here all the time now.
  8. Our EP launch night on Saturday was brilliant, with more than 200 people through the door. Thanks if anyone from on here was there. There are four tracks now streaming and available to download/order at our Bandcamp site as well as on Spotify, itunes, etc. Let me know what you think! http://watchfiresband.bandcamp.com/
  9. We wanted this one to be pretty direct and straightforward, I reckon any overly quiet parts could have held it up and just ended up killing it. One of the other tunes on the EP is a multi-sectional wonder, you'll be DAZZLED. If you don't like dull films where nothing much happens, you should never, ever watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AUFMGAck6A Thanks sir, do come down for the launch if you're about! Cheers, glad my directorial debut hasn't been completely panned! Fair point on the compression, I find that's quite often a pretty hard balance to strike with really overdriven guitar sounds, maybe went a touch too far. The vocals on the rest of the EP are more in this vein I think.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pd8o8br96xU This is a tune from our forthoming EP. Comments welcome! If you like it, why not come to the launch on Sat 20th July at the Tunnels...
  11. I've got a Nashville Mexican Tele I MIGHT be thinking of getting rid of, if you'd be interested in a possible trade?
  12. I asked a similar question on here ages ago and ended up getting a Peavey Classic 30. It's great. Good value, solid, nice tone and EASILY loud enough to play small-medium venues. I've had it a couple of years and it's never given me any grief. Thanks, aberdeen-music.
  13. Yeah it's great, although for me it really does just underline how disappointing Under The Blacklight was. If you hated Dejalo first time round, avoid this version like ebola.
  14. This is cool, really accomplished. Reminds me a bit of Unbelievable Truth, Thom Yorke's brother's band. You played after me and my pal's acoustic set at Harbour Lights in Peterhead last year sometime, enjoyed your set. Got any gigs lined up in Aberdeen?
  15. Great gig. I was sweating out my box, must have been hellish under the lights! Enjoying the record; it jumps into bed, gives you a swift yet breathtaking seeing to, then runs straight out the door.
  16. We re-recorded this and three other tunes with Craig Ross of Broken Records at The Depot down in Edinburgh last weekend. Midas is quite a bit meatier and punchier, and the other three are a bit darker and filled with RAWK. It's going to be loud. Lots of big choruses, obviously. Choruses are great. EP should be out in July, but in the meantime we're supporting The Birthday Suit (Rod Jones from Idlewild's newish project) at Drummonds on Sat 22nd June. If you're in Aberdeen and at a loose end, you should come. It will be fun.
  17. Looking for a cheap laptop to tide me over until I can afford a new one. It only needs to be able to handle Microsoft Office and the internet.
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