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Favourite Songs by Local Bands

Sam 45

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Right Hand Left - With Nothing Left Rebuild

Porcelain Skin

Edgar Prais - You and Me

Sloppy Drunk Boys

The Welles - London Lights

Copy Haho - Maquette


Genevieve - Alphabetty


Dedalus - Almost Parallel

What about the rest of you scenesters?

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edgar prais - jamie

second:thought - beyond 4 letters

death by dave - death by dave

tears of grace - waste away

alyssa's wish - morning lush

10 easy wishes - samantha marson

eskimo blonde - dirty dirty

fluffy and the rainbow bunnies- bob hoskins

Genevieve- alphabetty

the boy lacks patience - christopher john

the upstarts - exploited or die

stayover- naturally deselected

the holy folks - sugar we're going down ( a cover, bu t ive seen it twice now, and both times i was almost on the floor with laughter)

i might add more as i remember them...

edit: how could i forget...

:( - codes

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Deadloss Superstar- Wall of Skin/Draw The Line

Boy Lacks Patience - Castle/Julie

Le Reno Amps - Second Look

Death by Dave - Death by Dave

Kill Baby...Kill - Repeat Delete

The Needles - Teenage Bomb

There are heaps of songs I've heard live and loved but don't know the name of.

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After Tomorrow Before Today - The Little Kicks

Bridge of Bones - The Downroads

Unknown - Mind Gone Blind (almost Aberdeen)

Don't know the name but the one about jelly babies and stay the same forever... and ever - The Boy Lacks Patience

Because - Emma Foreman

Don't Ever Go / Once and Future Love - Kitchen Cynics

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i had to give rainbow princess a bar of chocolate and a peck on the cheek so she would mention our bands name so what did the other bands do? well i don't have the money to splash out on a curley wurly the band budget doesn't stretch that far.

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Guest Gasss

The Needles - love is just around the corner

Nero (RIP) - This is not science

Delicate Awol (RIP) - Fear of Jazz

Hookers Green - A fantastic voyage

Copy Haho - Bookshelf

The Welfare Mothers - Waxed and Chromed

Masamune (RIP) - Did you say?

Dedalus (RIP)- Everything has gone to hell

Ian Simpson - why I ran in fear of my life

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the new maps song, that project ven hell song that i don't know the name of, that kitchen cynics song about dying in different ways, is it fear? by electric tibet, would you say by masamune. also, that fiction/action song that has a queen-esque harmony in it.

please help fill in the titles.

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in no order...

The Edgar Prais-Sloppydrunk Boys

The Upstarts-Hit The Bottle

Gilman Street- George

10 Easy Wishes-Trees On Fire

Holy Folks-Kidney Stones(not the name but that's what it's about)

The Kitchen Cynics-Some Friendly Advice From A Cynic(that title is probably wrong too!)

Contra-Without You(although never played anymore)

Deadloss Superstar-Wall Of Skin

Hexagonal Pensioners-Dance Of The Crabs(the old version)

The Planeteers-...and You Thought Flipper Had A Bad Deal

My Minds Weapon-I Killed Rock and Roll


and since people are including old songs by former bands then...

Liber8-Falling Stars

Alyssa's Wish-Eight Sold As Nine

Point Of Origin-Anyone Can Play Rock Guitar

The Welles-Work Ethics

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The Holy Folks - Don't Worry Diana

Kitchen Cynics - The Place You Hid / The Torry Ferry Disaster

Ian Simpson - April In Amsterdam

FATRB - Super Bob Hoskins Brothers / Sucking On A Necro Spoon Collection

Ricky's One Man Band - the Michael Jackson one, whatever its name is

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Edgar Prais - Pop Song 93

Right Hand Left - All I Can Say

Element 106 - Neonfluxicide

Ascension - Against The Flame

Filthpact - Consent

Project:Ven-Hell - You Can't Swallow Charlton's Tail

Fluffy and the Rainbow Bunnies - Bob Hoskins

Deadloss Superstar - Wall of Skin

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Holy Folks-Kidney Stones(not the name but that's what it's about)

its called 'the King of Kidney Stones'

My Favourites in no order:

FatRB's - How to catch a Frog (inside your vagina), Necro spoon collection, Prehistoric Sex Attack, My Pot bellied Pig got raped by a dog, madness of yoghurt, Go Get a Job, The Spoon Diaphragm,Bi Polar Disco Bear, Hurricane viking, Checkers, Beavers for Pineapples......plus lots more

Sam Beaton - Diary of a Waster

Kitchen Cynics - Rue Bonaparte

Dos Dedos - The Fear

King Lier and the Brutes - Kinifes

SPD - Yak

Negashinjinitzu - Ice Cream for Jew

Hexagonal Pensioners - An Evil Duck?

Onion Terror - Hangover

Bill Ely and the Catnips - Cheetas (or whatever its called)

Kenetic - Charlies obsession with Guns (Fucking ace song)

: ( - __>_>_@

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'Keep Us Apart'- Dear John

'Give Me Strength'- Element 106

'Wall Of Skin'- Deadloss MF Superstar

'The Fashioncore Trilogy'- Spike Pile Driver

'Call'- Genevieve

'Kill Me'- Ghost Of Bongo

'Pervy'/'City 75'- Hot Mangu

'Death Of The Day'- Isylore

'A Dawn Unto Your Own Day'- Kenetic

'Hen's March To The Tunnels'- Kitchen Cynics

'By My Side'- The Little Kicks

'My Face Isn't Sally's'/'Amazing Toast'- Project: Ven Hell

'Chasing Tale'/'Lucifer Slays The Gorgon'/'Baby Stars'/'Dance Of The Doomed'- Radio Lucifer

'A Semaphore Message Of Pure Panic'- We Shall Be Blessed

'Monkeys & Friends'/'Sumthin's Burnin'/'Made 4 TV'- Stanley

And a song by Hookers Green No.1 that I don't know the name of

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the new maps song....

....please help fill in the titles.

that would be henry got cancer.

good to see dedalus getting a few mentions as well. i found a load of early dedalus cd's when i moved flat recently and had a great time relistening to 'everything had gone to hell' live at the lemon tree. good times. :)

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