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  1. http://ultimateslaymaster.bandcamp.com/ ULTIMATE SLAYMASTER: Two noble warriors from Edinburgh have decided to listen to nothing but KARP, BIG BUSINESS, LIGHTNING BOLT AND MASTODON, creating the best sound the world has ever known.
  2. you missed me too then! if i knew who you were then i could have reverse stalked you.
  3. davidm

    Star Rover

    hiya this is my band, star rover. we do loud pop music. https://soundcloud.com/starrover we have a new song up - addult. we are playing at cellar 35 on the 9th of june with farewell singapore, pinact and others. let me know what you think of these songs! cheers!
  4. davidm


    this is what I hope to look like someday with my beard. someday.
  5. How exactly do you do this when there are far fewer jobs than there are unemployed people? And when the economy feels like it's been flatlining for the past few years?
  6. To be honest I'll happily be called extreme left by someone who thinks that strategic relationships with fascists was ever right for Britain.
  7. Taking the piss out of the way almost every fucking tribute seemed to start last week about how she "had conviction"/"stood up for her beliefs" etc etc as if that makes her a deity that is beyond criticism. Saying that we should respect her because she had conviction is ridiculous and totally whitewashes the weight of public opinion against her then and now. Of course she was popular then (and still to this day) but my point is that I don't want to have to pay tributes to her because she "wasn't for turning". Anyway you can carry on defending her relationship with fascists now. Just out of interest, it was a good thing that she supported the Khmer Rouge as well, right?
  8. I wasn't comparing the two of them.
  9. Love him or hate him, Stalin had conviction and stood up for what he believed in, and you have to admire that. Much better than those weaklings we have in the Kremlin these days, eh!
  10. Same thing for three and half minutes, except sometimes it's quiet. bass/blastbeats!
  11. ha, yeah, i saw you guys at one point, but i think it was just after my brother arrived. i had to run to the train station to get back to edinburgh - i was in a pretty bad state myself then! i didn't even notice, i guess the discussion i was having with my brother about independence was too interesting for me to notice anything around me! the only reason i even posted was because kirsten kept telling me to do it "so the officers don't beat you to it!"
  12. Who: Chris and Dave Officer When: Friday night, half 6ish? Where: Mono, in Glasgow. Saw them again at half 11ish in the 13th Note but they spotted me, boooo.
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