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  1. Then just shoot to maim. If you can knock them off the roof hopefully some lucky cat will finish them off.
  2. I'll take the Best of Raw if you've still got it
  3. If it's a gig that involves Secta Rouge, I'll be there come hell or highwater
  4. Stand-up by your bed as Eddie Izzard does a show for Mumbai victim Jolly nice of him, I thought
  5. Followed by the worst hangover ever, I'm sure. Vast amounts of hair-of-the-dog-tequila will be needed after work at Black Tooth.
  6. My friends and I play such a game every Saturday during X-Factor. We have a rather substantial list of things to drink for (hugging Dermot, crying, family members with homemade T-Shirts, etc.) and is a fairly fun way to get squiffy. Adding booze makes things like this more tolerable, I tend to find.
  7. Free passes are available from the Black Tooth PR Team. You can usually find us on Belmont St from about 9.30, or pop down to the Moorings and pick up some passes from there.
  8. Indeed. We shall be popping in past the Moorings and leaving lots of passes or we can usually be found on Belmont St. round about Drummonds
  9. It does look rather spectacular. The dancefloor is massive and the funky new wallpaper is great. I like that they kept the football table too!
  10. Ah yes! A well meaning friend who knew I loved the first film noticed I didn't have 2 or 3 and bought me them for my birthday. I like to think it's the thought that counts though! -x-
  11. I'm moving house soon so I'm having a bit of a clearout. All DVDs are in good nick. DVDs 3 Lost in Translation Night of the Living Dead The Incredibles (2 Disc Collector's Edition) Highlander 2 Highlander 3 Nightstalker Freddy's Dead- The Final Nightmare Kagemusha Carry on Henry Carry on Follow that Camel Still Game (Complete Fourth Series) Mystery Men (Region 4)
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