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  1. I change mine in RBS on Union st (around the corner from Crown street).. They don't have to do it, but never said 'no' so far...
  2. it's all good, i resigned no panic, i won't leave aberdeen-music x
  3. They will def sign it if you ask... Ask Andi- it'll be highly amusing (for me to watch) Just joking... it should be a really good night!
  4. The Devil's Rejects the other night... Great film...
  5. Hello there, could i please get my username changed to just Laura or something? since i don't work at Beluga anymore.......
  6. apparently stadia stopped having bands in... shame me thinks...
  7. I think at the end of the day we just gonna have agree to disagree. But this thread was posted for those who do like or at least don't mind covers bands (like myself) to share their views and opinions...
  8. That's harsh man.... there are quite a few bands out there that can take a shitty song and turn it into something decent... and as i said somewhere before if some people from those bands are lucky enough to play guitar for living- they can't be that bad...
  9. Hi to all, Blues Deluxe are playing in Beluga on 17th of January. All house spirits (vodka, gin, morgans, jack daniels, bacardi etc) & a dash for 2 Doubles for an extra 1. It's going to be a good night, so pop in and spread the word. Check them out here: MySpace.com - Blues Deluxe - UK - Blues / Rock - www.myspace.com/bluesdeluxeaberdeenband
  10. p.s if you've ever been in on a night we had a band on, please let me know what you think- there are so many things we could improve.
  11. Stadia, Beluga (every sat from feb), Globe, Drummonds, Tunnels, Moorings, Richmond Arms in Peterculter...
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