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  1. I do miss ye olde Hallowe'en gigs... There's a whole heap of old school photos up on facebook including a deadloss hallowe'en gig 4 years ago...
  2. Cheers, I have sent an enquiry form to them but no doubt won't hear anything back until a decent hour (which will be an indecent hour for me but that doesn't matter too much!). Decisions decisions...
  3. Aww I missed Fudge, sad times
  4. Resurrecting a dead thread I know, but I just wondered if anyone had any experience with the David Lloyd gym in Garthdee? Been looking to get back to the gym for a while - used to go to the Aberdeen uni one but I've moved back across town and it's too far away and a pain to get to in rush hour - and I really want something with a personal trainer service so I can get some sort of programme devised. Anyone know what their prices/facillities are like? I'd phone them up but I've the slight technical hitch in that I'm on the other side of the world in Australia until the start of March!
  5. Update: I think it's sorted. The guys at the gladiator forum told me to use a programme called SDFix whilst windows was in safemode, and it seems to have done the trick. It picked up a Trojan called "lanmandrv". Here's hoping that that's the end of it! I'm off to download Firefox. Sod IE, I no longer trust it as far as I can throw it. Thanks for the help guys, I hope this post isn't premature... *touch wood*
  6. Rachie

    Your current read?

    I just finished Memoirs of a Geisha, can honestly say it's one of the best books I've ever read!
  7. I haven't run it in safemode no, I'll try that if I get no joy from the other stuff first.
  8. Well I defragmented my C: drive and ran all 3 programmes again and it seemed to have done the trick until literally 30 seconds ago where it started up all over again. Gah! Took off a Trojan "Win32.Banker.aipy.rtk" with spybot but that's all it really found. I shall try the forums and programmes you suggested just now. Thanks! Here's hoping something works soon
  9. As I said in my original post, everything with Norton is up to date - I ran it all this morning. Any of the trojans detected were already removed, so telling me to google something I can't find really isn't helpful.
  10. I do not have the exact text in the e-mails because it is not coming from my e-mail client - I've kept it closed since this started and when I have checked it briefly there's been nothing in the sentbox or outboxes. It seems to be different things that's being sent out because no two subject lines have been the same and they only come up when there's an error in the sending such as when the recipient server bounces it back as spam. The latest has been "Cheap and excellent software - too good to be true? Read information below!" I have firewall protection with Norton and I have Windows firewall. Norton anti-virus has found nothing. Spybot found 3 trojans and removed them along with about 50 tracking cookies but whenever I used to have spybot in the past that was a normal days work for the damn thing. Ad-aware found about 6 infected files but gave no details as to what they were. The problem has persisted despite running both. I don't have access to another computer so I can't exactly get the help I need without being online. Double edged sword, I know.
  11. Calling all you lovely, clever IT people. My computer appears to have acquired some bastarding spyware/malware/virus or something equally pesky that is sending hundreds of spam e-mails using my ISP. The only way I'm aware of the problem is that my Symantec e-mail scanner is going absolutely nuts scanning about 20 odd outgoing emails per second (I wish I were exaggerating...) and I'm occasionally getting error messages as some of them are bounced back from the intended recipients allowing me to see that the subjects are things like "Reliable software for you" etc etc. I've run Spybot S&D, I've run Ad-aware, (both of which came up with a few things and cleaned them off) I have updated my Norton software and scanned with that and still the problem continues. Really reaching the end of my tether here as I've been trying to sort this since yesterday evening... If anyone can help I'd be very grateful, cheers.
  12. I'm driving down from the frozen Highland North - perhaps this year I'll remember more than the first 20 minutes of the night
  13. Rachie

    6 Nations 2008

    Any one who doubts the atmosphere at Murrayfield should really have been there yesterday. It was absolutely electric. Those last 4 minutes were just terrifying, wouldn't have been so bad if we hadn't been within a converted try of points, but who cares, we won and we bloody deserved it. Few of us hung around after for autographs, got pretty much the whole team & Frank Hadden, but was a bit disappointed that only Jonny Wilkinson bothered to sign programmes for people from England when asked, even one of the England fans got snubbed by most of them. Understand they lost, but if their fans still stayed out to see them & support them regardless it's a bit off. *shrug* smeh, not my team anyway.
  14. Rachie

    6 Nations 2008

    Edinburgh's gonna be heeeeavin'.
  15. I doubt they'd do much more at the hospital than what you've already done yourself - doesn't look full thickness so it should heal itself provided it's kept clean. Impressive that though, just shows what steam can do - ouch!
  16. Anyone from Pitmedden? You might have to find somewhere new to drink... Was driving through it this morning when I saw this, was just too weird not to go back and take a photo. BBC NEWS | Scotland | North East/N Isles | Runaway digger crashes into pub
  17. You'd have to go to Edinburgh for it but... - Mini 1000 with 1275cc engine fitted on eBay, also, Mini, Cars, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 21-Feb-08 18:37:13 GMT)
  18. Probably? I shall let you know if he replies to the text I just sent him... couldn't remember which number he was useing, so I sent it to both.
  19. Yeah try Colourbox on Holburn street, it seems to sell just about anything.
  20. To be fair, on the rare occasion I do have a problem with BT it usually takes me a day to even get through to their customer support. Cheers for the help, still mixed reviews I guess though! What about Virgin media? Anyone used that? As for line rental, if you use BT for a phone-line anyway as I do and will continue to do if I switch that shouldn't be an issue surely?
  21. I'm already paying 23/month - the whole reason I'm changing service is because of the cost, so I'm certainly not paying 25/month! BT haven't caused me any major problems and I'm happy with the standard of service, just not the money it's draining from my account. Has anyone actually used Tiscali? Or has it just been word of mouth that's deemed it shite?
  22. Need some opinions. I've decided to finally get off my arse and change my broadband provider - a change from BT Homehub bleeding me dry, currently plumbing my wallet to the tune of 23/month and I've had enough. Obviously the cheapness of Virgin and Tiscali are making them front runners, but I really want to hear from folk who have used them and find out what their experience has been like? I don't want to change to a reasonable price for a crap service... Any thoughts? If I can pay less than 15/month for 8MB with unlimited download limit I'll be dancing...
  23. Rachie


    No, it doesn't, all you get is something along the lines of "it's still alive" or possibly "we're still alive".
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