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  1. Now the Mighty Barnet are in the 'tinpot' leagues, I feel obliged to take exception to your tone. Season starts a week on Thursday btw EDIT: I remember when the official end-of-season was the Junior Cup Final, but last year (and perhaps the year before) it was deemed as the chumps league final? I think the mods should set up a poll, when does the AB-Music footie season finish? SJCF or CLF?
  2. I may have to pop down for a visit.
  3. We sent this to our marketing department at work, just to show those slackers how it should be done!
  4. "Tolerance and sanity. That’s what Rangers will demonstrate and maintain, especially when back at the summit." Not seen much evidence of either so far.
  5. That's my default mode for a new game in FM, unless I have a specific challenge in mind. I have two basic challenges, club and career. Club, I take over Barnet (natch) and take them to the heights of Euro success, career I start off as a nobody and spend 7 or so seasons in the toilet that is non-league football. before being 'snapped up' by a struggling ED1/2 side. It's all uphill from there. Happy days!
  6. Here's a bit more from Alan Pardew on the departure of Demba Ba: "We prepared yesterday with Demba in the side. I was assuming that, I was in the dark as I have been on most of this particular deal because obviously the ball was in Demba's court. We had no inclination yesterday, we set up the team with Papiss in his normal role when Demba played. Although I'm tempted to change, I haven't, I've just put Shola straight in for Demba. But going forward, Papiss will go through the middle for us. Tonight he starts out on that right hand side where he has done terrific for us."
  7. Looks like Edgar Davids is in sole control of Barnet now http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/20860955
  8. They way I read it, they are banned from the first one they qualify for (if any) in the next 4 years.
  9. I just wanted to see this again. Unbelievable.
  10. It'll be interesting to see how FIFA react if fans chuck bananas at him. Tribute or racism?
  11. http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/HomeAndCommunity/Privaterenting/Repairsandstandards/DG_189194 It looks like withholding rent is not an option, unless you go through the process of informing them in writing that you plan to get the repairs done yourself, paying for it yourself, and giving them the chance to pay you back
  12. Either that or the Sun editors/journalists are completely sane and know how to get publicity for their rag. I don't think I've read a redtop in years. If I want unsubstantiated rumours I have the interweb
  13. Law trumps beliefs, otherwise 'honour killings' would be legal, or at least a blind eye would be turned, wouldn't they? Your point about pubs is flawed as well. You can be refused service, the staff do not have to give you a reason why they have refused you service, but if they have refused you service becuase they don't like the colour of yourskin or your sexual orientation etc then they could be in trouble. Of course, it's easier in pubs because they can just say "I thought they'd had enough to drink and didn't want to take the chance of myself committing an offence by selling alcohol to someone who was already intoxicated". Unless you've had a blood test soon afterwards then it's pretty clear they'll get off with it, your word against theirs.
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