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  1. just a wee note to say that we are playing at hootenany's, Rae x
  2. kenetic are also going to be playing tonight. finishing of a run of gigs in aberdeen then we start a wee journey around scotland next year. we also play at captain toms chritmas party on friday the 22nd and on the 27th with level 4 at the tunnels
  3. thanks! just a wee thanks to everyone who came along and a special thanks to rachie!(rainbow princess) for working with us and adding her cello magic. Craigy boy fae union of knives for playing a fine set of songs for ciaran. the cellers for doing what they do, and likewise reikenology. all in all it was a really good night hope to see you all again for the gig on the 12th of october at the tunnels again.. oh thats if we aren't in jail yet eh hen? Rae x oh and if anyone's interested i did a wee interview for the cogno magazine about the gig so you should be able to see that on the 9th of october issue.
  4. i had to give rainbow princess a bar of chocolate and a peck on the cheek so she would mention our bands name so what did the other bands do? well i don't have the money to splash out on a curley wurly the band budget doesn't stretch that far.
  5. all this inter promoter slagging is making me a nervous wreck. When will fez monkey and maxi realise that they are a match made in heaven? ha ha ha
  6. In preparation for going into the studio. we decided to put up one of the songs we made a demo of last year so you have an idea of the material to expect from us within the next few months. all of the songs on the site will not be available once we begin recording so we have made dawn unto your own day, available for download until then. kenetic http://www.myspace.com/keneticmusic
  7. i have spoken to ciaran and we are still gonna play just without milners shagging in a biscuit tin drumming. thus it shall be an accoustic affair, Rae x
  8. remember that metal girl will steal your your change at the drop of a black t shirt!!!
  9. I wholeheartedly support the FezMonkey Her music taste is without fault And she is really, really hot!
  10. oh i forgot to mention if you are interested in what stuart and barry are up to visit their site at www.2magicians.com Rae x
  11. www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2005580265,00.html Just so that you know errr. my best friends show is on the 30th of december on channel 4 at 9pm called the magic of jesus. the link above will give you an idea of what it's about. also my new band Kenetic will be used for some of the show. i hope you guys can tune in and show your support. Rae x www.myspace.com/keneticmusic
  12. Hey Sexual good to see you boyz are back!
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