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Guest Page 99

Love to know where the metalcore description has came from, I haven't heard a single trace of hardcore in the entire thing...

They just seem like another run off the mill metal band which Roadrunner Records or some other crap metal label would be pushing like mad to kids who just discovered their first Avenged Sevenfold or Atreyu records.

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I'm going to have to disagree with the majority here and say that I think they're cool. They've got some good stuff going for them: ace riffs, catchy songs, and a good vocalist. Once they've harnessed their full power and step out of the shadows of old school metal bands then I can see them becoming a really solid group in years to come.


P.S. I'm really not their P.R. manager lol

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Guest Gregor Ascension

some twat in a guitar magazine hailed them as the new generation of shred. absolute dogshit, terribly over rated i agree. rubbish guitar work, rubbish emo meets core band. the begining off core-emo. o dear.

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