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  1. Hey, ImLooking For A Band, Or To Form A Band. I'm 19. My Main Influences Would Be : Blink 182, The Starting Line, The Cure, All Time Low, MxPx. You Get The Idea, But Im Wanting Not To Stick To The Usual 3/4 Chord Stereotype!!!! Also Things Like : Circa Survive, Mae, Saosin. So Yeah, Gimme A Shout If Your Interested!! Liam x
  2. Gutted for the Hibees! 6-0 down. still, lovely hat-trick for chris maguire tonight. dont care who it was against, a wins a win after the drubbing at peterhead!
  3. I Shot A Baseball Bat Beacause Thats How I Roll.
  4. hey. does anyone know if they have a tour support for the 1st half? quite gutted sherwood aren't playing
  5. liam


    Duck Standing At The Side Of The Road. Chicken Walks Up And Says, "Dont Do It Mate, You'll Never Hear The Fucking End Of It!"
  6. Hey. Im Liam, And I'm 18, Just Looking To Form A Band, I Guess. Influences :: Blink 182, The Starting Line, Circa Survive, Mae, All Time Low, CIWWAF, Set Your Goals, New Found Glory, Silverstein, Sherwood etc. You Get The Basic Jist Aye? Gimme A Shout If Your Interested, Male Or Female....I Dont Discriminate. I Might Look At Your Boobs Though ....Or If Your A Fat Chick o_O Cheers x
  7. hey. im inot the more 'punkier/pop-punkier(to avoid arguements)' like NFG, Yellowcard if your interested. im 18 and play guitar, backing vocals at a push!
  8. Hey! Does Anyone Still Like Pop-Punk/Punk/Emo/Whatever Sub-Genre People Put The Bands Under These Days? Im 18, And Play guitar, And A Bit Of Bass. Sing At A Stretch! Influences : All Time Low, Set Your Goals, Say Anything, Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182, Something Corperate, The Starting Line, You Get The Drift! Anyone Up For Starting A Jamming Band, With A View To Start Gigging? Liam
  9. I Work In Costco.....and a 'student'. i only go for my free 100 bursary a month
  10. Band: Jonathan King Album: Adolf Hitler Tracks: 1-H Tree 2-Michael Shorey 3-Waverley School 4-Shelter Insurance 5-List of political parties in Ghana 6-British NVC community MG5 7-Andrew Bews 8-Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M5 9-Some Thoughts Concerning Education 10-Before the Flood 11-Pepin the Hunchback 12-Same-sex marriage in North America (Bonus Track) What An Album. Not Sure About The Band An Album Though, hahah
  11. liam

    Thin Lizzy?

    my mum and dad went...they thought it was awesome.
  12. Biffy Clyro - Puzzle Mae - Singularity The Starting Line - Direction Silverchair - Young Modern
  13. Does Anyone Happen To Be Selling 2x McFly Tickets?? Cheeeeeeers
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