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  1. Same man... I always take bad pics... Good photos of my do not exist
  2. I think the next one is Halloween to my knowledge And its also in Moshulu Im sure
  3. You would say that seeing as how they're both of you
  4. Is that it? That all you can play? The ones I can do are In no particular order: All We Are Empty Sky The Last Day Chasing Ghosts Truth Devine Fallen Broken Alive The Watcher Im working on actually typing them up and will post the links when I do
  5. I also read online that the problem with most P2P file sharers is aslong as you have something on your hard-drive people can still access it and download it... So chances are Im guessing is someone has uploaded it to their hard-drive and then since they happen to have Limewire/Ares/Kazaa whatever then people have accessed it and downloaded it and then it just goes on from there
  6. well any song in particular your after?
  7. I have a few of them tabbed out... most of them aren't all 3 guitar parts and stuff... but yeah I have a fair whack... And some of it is right as its been verified by Rass So if the guys wouldn't mind me send you them I'd be happy to
  8. Damn damn damn damn! I can't believe I missed that!! Whens the next one?
  9. New website by any chance? Just a thought... And a subtle hint
  10. To be honest man I have ripped it... But I haven't chucked it on the p2p I use... I was gonna but then I decided against it seeing as how I like you guys alot and wouldn't think it to be fair seeing as how your a small band and don't have alot of cash... If your were raking in as much cash as Metallica however...
  11. Its ok... I understand your reasons:P Atom - All We Are Well you know my reasons!
  12. Ummmm I have a fav that I'd love to go see does that count?
  13. elsmudge


    How I would like ot die would be to die in my sleep... But I honesly how I think I will die..... I don't know..
  14. False???? - Mainly because Im a twat and don't know what avocado is! TPBM - Has an extensive collection of The Darkness stuff
  15. I don't rekon anyone would believe you if they asked you "where do you stay then?" "oh fanny hill"
  16. Im Rass' fellow "I have nothing to do so I will stay up till all hours of the night online doing nothing" buddy, can I get free hosting
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