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  1. Youd probably be able to catch both depending on number of supports and lateness at Tunnels.
  2. Get yourself along, they were awesome at Rebellion despite dodgy sound. Lemon Tree stage is going to be seriously tight given how much they move around on stage.
  3. Is he playing with his band the Venus 3 or is this a solo gig?
  4. Sadly can't make this gig now Just looking for face value, pm if interested
  5. bifta23


    Anyone want a pair of tickets for the Playhouse next week?
  6. Hey sorry, Pete! I was one of the snappers at the gig and generally try to be discrete and blend in. We were probably more visible as the band said we could shoot the duration of their set due to poor lighting. Normally its a strict first three songs or less and leave the pit.
  7. Is this gig defo on? Have seen the same date advertised in Dundee??
  8. Dave, should get yourself signed up with a picture library, you never know where your images will end up. There is quite a decent market for postcards and calendars.
  9. Appreciate the feedback folks. Will try and keep the pics refreshed and add a promo/portrait gallery at some point.
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