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  1. A'right man, I've got a mate who is choking for one like. I've refrred him here. Is it still about? We're in glasgow. Edit - Literally just got a text that said he's found one. Sorry!
  2. Nae going to be at the tunnels tonight but need to get a couple, still a few left at one up aye?
  3. You couldn't be more right. Stuck them up just so folk would have something to go by before gigs etc but even we know they're pretty shit. Where did yous record out of interest? We were thinking we might just get Ali from Broken Oath to do them. The guys from Atomgevitter have also been recommended.
  4. New band coming out of Glasgow. Shit as fuck recordings but hopefully enough to give you an idea before we get a proper demo going. We should be making a few cds of these tracks, if you want one for nothing then get in touch and should they come to fruition or mediafire download you shall be informed. A very intelligent man put us somewhere between Army Of Flying Robots and Shikari, a comprison that's come up heaps although I'm not so sure myself. Hopefully some of you may already have heard us, if not be as brutal as you want really we've got thick enough skin, hopefully be playing up in Aberdeen at some point over the next few months. Cheers. Altars on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  5. I recently got this from Tesco, seemed pretty reasonable to me if a little over your budget. Fujitsu Siemens 15.4" Laptop - Tesco.Direct
  6. I think it is really, really good. I have been listening to it heaps and can't get enough. It's a lot less unique, and as such not really the Ion Dissonance sound I was expecting, as you say a lot more meshuggah-esque. However, I've been pretty surprised and no matter how much simpler it is it's just total crushing and violent.
  7. 100% agreed. I read heaps about plant based nutrition and know for a fact veg/vegan diets are entirely feasible. I admit there are plenty of really badly nourished veg/vegans but that doesn't mean it's not possible. Plenty of really unhealthy omnivores too, it's just about eating properly regardless of your dietary choices.
  8. I haven't drank milk for nigh on 10 months now I think and I don't see any difference at all. I do eat a fair bit of veg cheese and sometimes yoghurt though so it follows that I wouldn't notice change.
  9. You are of course right and I am aware that the calcium levels in some products aren't natural per se but the point remains that calcium in a vegan diet is entirely possible through their use/without dairy produce. I lent out all of my nutrition books and can't actually check how much greenery you need to consume to get high levels of calcium but if my memory serves me correctly it's not as unreasonable as you might assume.
  10. Soyamilk, tofu and certain leafy greens can contain enough calcium to satisfy your needs in a balanced vegan diet.
  11. Kit kats are suitable according to the Nestle site, will have to check that out.
  12. This is probably true. Only the Mars and Snickers actually made in the U.K. (Indicated by first serial code letter "U") are suitable are veg at the moment anyway as the continental manufacturing plants have been using calves for their whey for a while apparently. That puts Mini + funsize mars out anyway, so it's not all that surprising that they've moved to the same practises here.
  13. Thanks for ointing that one out. It has nothing to do with being a strict or "decent" vegetarian. These bars are not vegetarian in the most basic and true definition of the word so anyone who is a vegetarian will refrain from eating them. Eating calves stomach lining is exactly the same in principle as meat. If people do eat them then it is not a true vegetarian diet and they are not truly vegetarian, end of.
  14. I would love to see him and know of several others that would make it along.
  15. You're right theroetically although I too have never seen anyone bother. The problem is the sample would only be applicable at one tempo, and only for 16ths double bass. Kollias does use triggers, at least sometimes. I have certainly got a couple of videos where he does. For speed check this kid, 17 years old or so. I know it's two foot, but I've never seen anyone hit 270 with the feet and he has got some pretty speedy feet in other videos.
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