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  1. After a painfully slow year of gigs in Elgin we have finally got a new venue and a gig to finish the year off nicely. The Syndicate Xmas Blowout III will be headlined by Aberdeens very own Bonesaw fresh from an appearance at The Damnation Festival, Leeds and with a new album and splits with both Abscess and Bone Gnawer to promote you'll need to bring some loose change. Cemtex return from exile in Glasgow to fill the middle slot and will be bringing the Metal to the Xmas Blowout. Opening the show will be Aberdeen punks, Hideous who Featuring members or ex-members of hunners and hunners of Aberdeen, Moray, Edinburgh DIY punk/hardcore/metal bands of differing renown. A Night of Punk, Death and Metal !!!!!!
  2. Well that rules me out i didn't know Ablach had any words to there songs, i thought it was growl, growl, scream, growl, scream scream and if there was time after that another growl. Oh well you learn something new everyday Hopefully i'll be making an appearance on Wednesday as something has come up, i wouldn't want to let down the other 5 people in the crowd who aren't playing - sorry 6 i forgot about Teabags o_O Joking aside this is gonna be a mental night
  3. Aye was a great night Wasn't too sure of the turnout, gigs in Aberdeen just dont pull the crowds they did a few years back. The majority of the crowd were either from Moray or exiles of Moray staying in Aberdeen.
  4. Nothing to do with them using your head was it? Absolutely amazing gig last night cheers to everyone who came along Next stop WORMROT on the 10th MAY :nono:LETS SEE THOSE FINGERS!!!!!
  5. ^ I certainly hope so, i dont fancy playing your slot by myself. I dont think my set of The Enter Sandman riff and the opening or Raining Blood at a 1/3 of the speed would go down too well
  6. Load in for the gig is 5.30, Soundchecks 6 onwards. Doors 7.30 Appear around 6 would be fine
  7. A week today people, come along and heckle the promoter about Elgin City being bottom of the Third Division unless ofcourse Montrose go bottom tomorrow
  8. I knew i could rely on you Bazz to keep a close eye on my flyers, its that SID i'll be having words with Two weeks tomorrow by the way
  9. Oh Calum your such a hero, i'll hand out one of your nice flyers to everyone who comes in the door at Desecration
  10. It was booked for Tunnels 2 although i would have prefered Tunnels 1. Hen did mention something was on in the main room.
  11. ....and there was me having to hand them back to you as you left them lying on the table before Element 106
  12. Dude dont tell me that o_O I gave 3 people piles of flyers so hopefully it'll end up fine
  13. You'd better not as its a long journey home after a thrashing
  14. I would like the gig to be over by 11pm as i'll probably be working on the Saturday at 4am I'll find out definately for you thou.
  15. Your speaking out your arse Calum i know for a fact there doing the Scottish County Show circuit. There definately booked for the Turriff Show, The Keith Show, The Black Isle Show culminating at the Royal Highland Show at Ingilston near Edinburgh!!!! I hear there a dab hand at judging the Aberdeen Angus breed
  16. You have EYEHATEGOD before those Welsh Death Metallers too
  17. Nah it was just flyers i received. I did A3 posters but only B/W cos the colour ones appear to be very popular and wouldn't stay up long I think im doing a colour run for those who want at some point
  18. No sooner do i put my posters up and hand out the flyers in Aberdoom those Desecration chaps send me official flyers to hand out arriving the day after. Just means i'll have to come through again i suppose
  19. Sepultura have only been awful once that i've seen and that was with Max on the ROOTS tour.
  20. I've already press ganged Bazz for poster dutys and hopefully Sid too between us im sure we can get the word out So lets see Paul G did the poster, Bazz, Sid and Calum helped with posters i wonder what i can get Andy to do..... Maybe get him to go around Union Street kissing babys and helping little old ladies cross the road as part of the advertisement campaign, well thats what honest politician do isn't it
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