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  1. Caught Maybeshewill in Glasgow during their last tour- they are definitely worth checking out!
  2. I'm really happy with the way this track has turned out- saw these guys in 2006 and was fairly hopeful back then that Duvall wouldn't disappoint. Hopefully more of the same to come!
  3. You may be referring to this site- it's very useful for what you mentioned. Pandora
  4. Lol..I thought that too...until I attended a Celtic home game. Puts Pittodrie supporters to shame.
  5. That's not very rock 'n' roll, why aren't you out drinking a bottle of mouthwash or something?
  6. I also had no idea about this gig until reading it this morning...but after my last trip to the Moorings, I'd probably have been too embarassed to attend that gig anyway, haha.
  7. Forgot to add: To/Die/For- Jaded Underground Moon- Self Titled Plus an MP3 disc consisting of: Beatallica Excrementory Grindfuckers Gravedigger Hypocrisy Eichenschild Sunn (o)) Mustasch Wintersun Bloodbath.
  8. Messhuggah- Chaosphere. Nile- Annihilation of the Wicked.
  9. the new Guiness one, when they come out the bar and it like, backplays through the evolution of humankind, until they become some kind of reptile, then the whole "Good things come to those who wait" thing, love it.
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