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  1. New Kanye = AMAZING. And I've hated pretty much everything else he's ever done.
  2. This record is a good return to form - best since Demanufacture, but closer in sound to Soul.. crossed with more contemporary metal - very good. I think if they pull an ace support I'll go for FF.
  3. Hmm. Choosing between Fear Factory (still one of the best gigs I EVER saw was FF on the Demanufacture tour at the garage) or the Machine Head show a few days later (saw MH on the Black Crusade and supporting Metallica, but Hatebreed support and a proper headline set?). New FF tunes sounds huge though.?(
  4. I liked the Anthrax attempt, but to me Anthrax only exists with John Bush...
  5. I had a quick spin of OB4CL2 - must admit I thought it was weak. I love the first one, but what the fuck do I know. Enjoying the new P.O.S though......
  6. Countdown is where to start IMHO. Just realised Endgame isn't out for ANOTHER week. Shite. I may not hold out.... Why the Anthrax hate? Sound of White Noise is a stone cold classic! We Have Come.... is awesome too, and Greater of Two Evils makes all the old shite stuff sound fantastic!
  7. He dedicated a song to "The Cause". Didn't go down well.
  8. Holding out till Monday for this one. Just. Hoping for the Slayer/Megadeth tour to hit the UK so i can cross off two need-to-see-before-they-quit bands......
  9. Mariachi el Bronx - s/t (ver' good) Pissed jEANS - king of Jeans (Quite good) Soulsavers - broken (ace) Frank Turner - new one download - ace.
  10. Holy jesus pissflapping christ it's great: CONVERGE "Axe To Fall" out 10.20 on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Different again, awesome as ever.
  11. Dead Swans - Sleepwalkers (awesome!) Grey Machine - Vultures Descend (amazing drone-noise-industrial)
  12. Music is free now - like it or not. Via Spotify, LastFM or the slew of others on the way, plus illegal downloading, the revenue from selling music is dissapearing. Trent Reznor did a good quick rant on the NIN boards recently and discusses a model I think is pretty good - no lables, make an album, give it away, sell deluxe physical copies with super-dooper artwork extra content etc for those who love it/want a physical copy, and tour like buggery/sell merch. You won't be selling millions, but you retain control as an artist, plus the public get what they pay for - or not if that's the case. I just stuck all my CDs in storage as I don't use the physical CDs anymore - and have even PAID for some mp3s recently (download only releases), but I'[ll continue to pay for something I can hold for the bands I love.
  13. shit shit shit - GREY Machine. Grey. Not gay.
  14. Hog - you heard Gray Machine? You'd fucking love it. Heeeeeaaavy.
  15. medichi


    Nine Inch Nails were INCREDIBLE. rest - meh. I was in the pit the year the Jesus Lizard played - utterly brilliant. Now we get lady effing Gaga.
  16. New album is baaaaaaaaaallllllls. This is not a "backlash", this is a once great band turing to completely mediocre dogshit. TBH they actually haven't been that good since "Alive...." but I kept hoping they'd pick it up. Hog - decent new metal is pretty scarce IMHO also (although I too am old) - but I do like Suicide Silence, Skeletonwitch, Amon Amarth and Municpal Waste. New Lamb of God is ace too.
  17. they're doing Reading and Leeds too, but would still like a presale!
  18. Edinburgh Corn Exchange, 25th August! On sale Friday, 10 am. Free pint to first person to furnish me with a presale link!
  19. They sound like Atreyu now. But more dull. Oh dear.
  20. The question is when the FUCK he's gonna release a new record!
  21. Mastodon were ace, but TBH I wasn't feeling it - maybe because Defeater earlier in the week were fan-fuckin-tastic and I felt a little detached from the 'don. Good though. Valient Thor were shit.
  22. Saw him at the Blue Note in NYC - great show, go see!
  23. Soz - at the time I wrote you weren't on the bill. Anyhoo, ticket bought - Defeater FTW!
  24. Not a summer record, I must admit. Felt a bit silly in the blazing sunshine.....back to the King Blues!
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