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  1. I'm moving in a few weeks and can't take it with me. Great condition, only used for a handful of gigs. Looking for £150, but will listen to offers. Here's it:
  2. That lining is fabulous. Thanks for the link.
  3. I'm looking for a hard case to fit a tele. Anyone looking to sell? Cheers, Calum
  4. I'm up for it. Think I can bring one more along if needed.
  5. Just realised I've agreed to work until 7.30 tomorrow night. Bother.
  6. Warden's goalkeeping is even better than his forward rolls.
  7. Aye, I'm delighted that things aren't working out for him. Fuck you, Miller. Fuck you for being a vital player for us, and fuck you for trying to make progress in your career.
  8. Inzaghi is just one of the best humans. His 2nd goal was hilariously offside, mind.
  9. See if Trezeguet fancies living in London. He would've scored a hat-trick last night. And since I'm in this thread: Gary Hooper is a penis and Madrid are going to run all over Milan tonight.
  10. Maicon's never been much good at defending. He's not just inept; he's lazy and unfocused, particularly after not getting to follow Mourinho to Madrid over the summer. He just got found out more than usual tonight because he came up against a direct player who can match/beat him for pace. Inter tonight reminded me of Liverpool in Benitez's last season, after Alonso left. In fairness to them, they were without the best defensive midfielder in the world and their other first choice centre midfielder, but they were still shite.
  11. calum

    Pet Hates!

    Are you suggesting that I don't take enough responsibility for the cleanliness of my footwear? Is that what's happening here?
  12. calum

    Pet Hates!

    I think I see what's happened here. You've confused the club to which I was referring with a band of the same name. You'll laugh when you realise your mistake.
  13. calum

    Pet Hates!

    Exodus wrecking white trainers.
  14. calum

    Pet Hates!

    Weathermen. Effeminate, chatty weathermen. And that prick David Currie. He should have been a weatherman.
  15. calum

    Pet Hates!

    Bands whose names announce their genre, usually through bad wordplay.
  16. calum

    Pet Hates!

    My pet hate for today is my Facebook news feed being dominated by oh-so-edgy papal paedophilia-themed 'humour'. Mock the Week has a lot to answer for.
  17. Football, etc. Cursive Efterklang That Fucking Tank Xiu Xiu Enablers
  18. Think of Foster as a more defensive, less technical Whittaker.
  19. Wrecked some accas on the Pitt. Bar bus! Congratulations min. Sensational avatar as well.
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