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Your favourite film of the year?


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As usual, I've not got to the cinema anywhere near as much as I'd have liked this year but it's been a pretty good year for films. What are your favourites?

In order mine are:

1. Toy Story 3

2. Red

3. Alice in Wonderland (I don't really know why everyone hated it, it was exactly what you'd expect from Tim Burton - visually stunning, strong script - I really enjoyed it)

4. The Road

5. Invictus

6. Kick-Ass

7. Iron Man 2

8. Heartbreaker

9. Green Zone

10. Up In The Air (A good film although I don't think quite worthy of the five star reviews it seemed to get)

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I think The Kids Are Alright was my favourite this year. Saw it twice and I'll definitely watch it again. Fantastic performances from Annette Benning and Julianne Moore.

Besides that, I really enjoyed Inception, Kick-Ass and The Runaways. Despite mixed reviews I also very much enjoyed The American.

Worst film of the year for me was Knight and Day. The most ridiculous thing I've seen in a looooong time.

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According to the internet the films Ive seen which were released in 2010:

Quite liked:

The Green Zone

Get him to the Greek

Brooklyns Finest

Thought was OK:

John Rabe

Didnt like:

Kick Ass

Youth in Revolt

Brooklyns Finest is therefore my favourite film of 2010.and it wasnt that great. Im sure there are many brilliant ones Ive missed.

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