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  1. Chinatown on Dee Street is better than The Manchurian. Really good Dim Sum menu, great service, brilliant atmosphere.
  2. Mass Effect 1 and 2 - Sci-fi shooter rpg thing. Fallout 3 and New Vegas - Post apocalyptic shooter rpg thing. Dead Rising 1 and 2 - Zombie shooter rpg thing.
  3. I'm gonna guess that with the proliferation of smart phones with web browsers, more people were accessing the main site rather than the mobile platform. Therefore, one can deduce that it got shut down as it was costing money and not being used enough to make it worthwhile.
  4. It's a promo shot for The Deadliest Catch, I think?
  5. What are the chances that anyone from the council or whatever is going to look at the cinema's Facebook page and think "WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!?!"? Pretty slim I bet. If they have grievances, then they should transmit this via their personal Facebook accounts as ca_gere mentioned. The council may not have operated with much decorum, but to lower oneself to that level is fairly playground.
  6. One of the worst sentences I've ever read. I can understand the cinema employees frustration at being [possibly/potentially] made unemployed, but to convey this via silly Facebook status updates paints them in a bad light. Instead of wasting their time with that, they should be chapping on some office doors and asking for an explanation of certain decisions.
  7. What happened to the jazz band that played in Kef on a Thursday night? Either the band or the night were called Precipeace, but they were pretty great. If you got those guys and a couple of reggae DJs, then it could become my favourite place in Aberdeen. That is, if it were to actually happen.
  8. I'd rather they paid attention to the rules of the road. The amount of times I've nearly been knocked over because some stupid fuck hasn't paid attention to the traffic signals or not used LIGHTS/REFLECTORS WHEN IT'S DARK is more fingers that I have. I respect cyclists as a pedestrian but when they flout the rules then I believe I'm allowed to murder them to death?
  9. Same here, although I think it has great potential and the calibre of the line up is incredible for a first time event. Should more bands that I like be added to the bill, then it may encourage me to attend. I really hope it's a success and it's encouraging and exciting to see something like this happen in Aberdeen. I'd like to add to the plaudits the organisers have already received.
  10. Ads on web pages that play music. Incredibly annoying, especially the William Hill one that sounds like an air siren going off in my brain.
  11. Nothing can beat the "HOT PIES KARAOKE" sign at The East Neuk. Always wondered how they set that up. I'd go in but I'm no good at singing, although the temptation of singing whilst eating hot pies may yet sway me.
  12. I can't imagine they'd be worth travelling from Spain to pinch.
  13. Until Monday, make your own rules. I believe those are the rules.
  14. We can have a sandwich and a cup of tea like refined gentlemen instead.
  15. He makes me cringe. He seems like he'd laugh at his own farts or talk to hand puppets if left alone in a dark room.
  16. Jesus Christ, people like Harry Hill? Incredibly unfunny, I'd like him to FOAD.
  17. Yes! Fantastic idea. Make the tickets 2/3 and I'd definitely go. Not sure much other people would though. I think much of the programming is outwith the Belmont's hands, rather it is the parent company that handles it. It's not really an independent cinema, but I think if it was it's be doing a hell of a lot better.
  18. Where can I get something laminated in town?
  19. Chuck it out the window of an 18th storey flat. That way, it'll get the air required to cool down the battery and then smash in to a million pieces so you never have to deal with the problem again.
  20. I'd definitely fuck his mum. Smash in the backdoor and a'hing. That's the only positive thing I can say about all this.
  21. Does not require a remake. Important question, however: How many tits is she gonna have?
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