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  1. Cheers guys. The Piper is pretty useful for leads and such but it's good to hear from people in the area (or at least know more than I do about it).
  2. Hey guys. Not posted here for a long while but figure someone could help me out. As part of university I'm making a website focused on Banchory and surrounding areas. Does anyone have any idea if anything contentious/talky is going on there I could focus a news story or five on? Thanks!
  3. There's a band called "The Murderburgers".
  4. I went through Middelfart on the train to Aarhus from the airport. A decidedly "meh" place, though the signage was funny
  5. FOX


    I'm interested in this thread too. I had a vinyl player (that's a lie, my Dad did) then it got fucked and wobbly. So now I'd like a new one. Just going to lurk probably.
  6. What's folk's opinions on Forest Fires? Haven't seen them being mentioned thus far. Pretty tight musically even if they are essentially a Biffy clone. Cannae think of ony ither baaaaahnds in Aberdeen at the moment because I'm all the way in fookin' Denmark. I guess Lenin Death Mask are probably okay maybe
  7. A better question is "What on Earth is/was Bon Accord soft drinks?".
  8. My game keeps crashing on June 18 2018. Ridiculously frustrating since I've been building up the youth system, have tonnes of great kids in the reserves. Tried heaps of solutions but no dice. Ach. Tempted to start as a low-league club and take them into the top-flight/Europe. Don't have the skill though!
  9. This is pretty much the reason I haven't got any gigs planned. I'm in a bit of a rut creatively and the thought of playing live again is a bit "blegh". I'm sure it's just a phase though... Edit: Well done Joe, replying to a month-old thread. I'll be in the corner.
  10. Man, I've not been on these forums in ages! Good to know CT is still bursting with local knowledge though. Also, I am Smithy. Not really
  11. Ally McCoist doesn't exist in my game. Rangers are managed by Terry Bullivant. LOL.
  12. Torres gets proper shit proper quick. He's been punted to Hertha Berlin in my game.
  13. I should probably say that I'm going to go to a luthier soon to get this sorted.
  14. Marshall Dow's maybe worth a shout, his business card is at iiMusic. He's in the Ashley area.
  15. Cheers for the recommendations guys. Will look into them. That's exactly it. Taylors are amazing, only used a 214 for half an hour and fell in love with it. Although obviously I'm a bit conscious of being a bit blind because of that. Brand loyalty with guitars is probably a bit silly. Aw. I really like them.
  16. You'll need a day to recover from a 15-hour shift (or at least a very long lie) so really probably two or three days off. I work at a popular chain of convenience stores for 18 hours a week because student.
  17. Both only rumour at this stage. AFC have flatout denied any potential move to Dyce. If they do end up going it'll be with gritted teeth...
  18. Haha If I do take you up on the Taylor I'll probably hold myself back while playing it - my heavy strumming is a habit I need to get out of, I need to let the guitar do the work, and I think it'd be a good one to do so with. I am looking into your advice as well and hopefully I'll have a chat with the guys at R&B to see if anything there will suit and/or cope If I'm honest I don't really know. As I say I'd probably aim to get myself out of the heaviness. That said I am hoping for a sharp, bright sound rather than a mellow one. I'm aiming hopefully for a max of about £600. Noted! I'm really fancying the Taylor though! Well expensive! And I'd hate to be the person to mess up a 42-year-old guitar!
  19. Obviously I mean "satin finish" and not "stain finish"
  20. I'd be well keen to see what a Los Campesinos! song sounds like covered by yous.
  21. Good on him, takes courage to do that in the world of sport. Although I have to echo one of the comments - he'd surely have made a fortune from endorsements being the only "out" footballer in the game.
  22. Hi. Those who have seen me play live will know I'm pretty heavy with my guitars (which is definitely something I need to work on a bit ). I'm now seeking an acoustic that can cope with this no bother. Got my eye on a Taylor 214e (in fact I've already seen it and am simply evaluating options) but I'm slightly worried about scraping the hell out of the stain finish which obviously would not be very helpful. Going into R&B to ask the same question on Monday, but until then - anyone got any ideas? A Martin GPCPA1 looks ace as well but is muchos expensivos.
  23. Good shout. Will gie them a buzz. Any R&B'ers active here today? Would save me sounding like an idiot on the blower
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