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  1. Surfer_Rosa

    Sandi Thom is having a hell of a time

    This is just rubbing salt in the wound:
  2. Surfer_Rosa

    Social Network Hall of Shame

    Longstanding AB-Music favourite Sandi Thom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0xe6PCZ8Zo
  3. I had a look at his twitter and I suspect he may just be being punished for live-tweeting Battlestar Galactica in 2014. Rightfully so.
  4. Surfer_Rosa

    TV Series!!

    I'm catching up on Mr Robot. The name and subject matter didn't encourage me to give it a go, but a heard a lot of people say it's actually pretty good. They're right.
  5. Surfer_Rosa

    Pet Hates!

    Plus a tastefully muted palette of cycling clothing makes it much harder for drivers to see you. Being regarded as a dayglo wanker is probably preferable to ending up under the wheels of a bus.
  6. Surfer_Rosa

    wanted gazebo and camping gear

    Don't be a fucking cretin, clear up after yourself after camping or don't bother going in the first place.
  7. Surfer_Rosa

    Social Network Hall of Shame

    The same person on my facebook posted both of these recently. Not ironically.
  8. Surfer_Rosa

    Local Battle of the Bands competitions

    That's all good and well, but what is punk?
  9. Surfer_Rosa

    Game of Thrones TV Pace (no book spoilers)

    The whole bit a few seasons ago with Beric Dondarrion being brought back to life by Dennis Pennis could easily have been left out of the TV show if the fact that Red Priest/esses being able to do that wasn't going to be a factor for a major character in the show at some later point. So Melissandre showing up seems to suggest that's where it's heading. I'll LOL if Jon, Stannis and Myrcella all end up surviving after that episode, but Sansa and Theon are dead at the bottom of that wall.
  10. Surfer_Rosa

    Pet Hates!

    This one?
  11. Surfer_Rosa

    Celebrity Dead Pool 2015

    Pro Wrestling Stories is not bad for getting a taster for this kind of thing, they're usually made up of snippets from various books, interviews and articles. This is the one on Dusty: http://prowrestlingstories.com/pro-wrestling-stories/vol10/
  12. Surfer_Rosa

    Last film you watched?

  13. Surfer_Rosa

    Social Network Hall of Shame

    its the intrenet not a spelling test u dont need too spell proper
  14. Surfer_Rosa

    Social Network Hall of Shame

    If she takes that as an invitation to meet up and have an actual conversation, it would be pretty great.