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Local Band of the Year?


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Guest idol_wild
at the start of the year i would have said edgar prais, but the early hype didn't seem to come to much.......despite this i must admit they were brilliant at t in the park. probably copy haho because of their progress and support slots they landed at the end of the year (eg hot club de paris, los campesinos and dananananakroyd)

Haho supported Sebadoh in the summer too.

There are only two bands which I feel have genuinely progressed and achieved something of note this year: Copy Haho and My Mind's Weapon.

I'd give a wee shout to The Little Kicks also; they work hard and go about things the right way - you know all their shows will be well attended and really good fun. Which is what it's all about, right?

On a personal level, I am delighted and honoured to have befriended Greater the Shadow and Katerwaul - two criminally overlooked bands in this city and consisting of bloody good people who lack pretention and are up for good times.

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Iname have been getting better and better. Really enjoyed the last two gigs I've seen them at..

very kind, cheers dude

personally loving:

Greater the shadow


Kartta (although i haven't actually seen the new line-up live)

debutant - phil and loop pedal = dreamy goodness

other than that enrapture and my minds weapon have done very well.

i remmebr seeing enrapture in moshulu and they were spot on. that type of metal isn't really my thing these days, but they are very very good at what they do.

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