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  1. It got a 5/5 from me. Going to Brighton to see them in a couple of months. Better still... They're playing the Academy in Glasgow on November 26th. Tickets onsale Friday! TicketWeb
  2. The Life of David Gale Not bad. Not great, but not bad. However, don't think I've ever spotted an ending so far off.
  3. That is properly, glaringly brilliant. I can't wait to hear what you've done with Turn The Lights Down and The Brakes.
  4. When one of my friends lived in student accommodation, one of their flatmates was reportedly an utter arsehole. After some particularly arsehole-ish conduct, they retaliated by taking "his" drawer from the kitchen, filling it with water and putting it in the freezer. They left it there a while, and then replaced it in the unit. Cue the boy going to get a fork / knife / spoon from the drawer, pulling it out of the cabinet and staring down at his cutlery frozen in a block of ice, in the drawer.
  5. I happened on He's Just Not That Into You last night as it was starting. Fully appreciating that I most likely am not its target demographic, I decided to start watching it anyway. I gave up after about 45 minutes. The fact it was based on a self-help book makes me decidedly uneasy. It portrayed all the female characters in it as woefully insecure, co-dependent stereotypes who couldn't carry out day-to-day tasks without male attention, and the lead person (who you were obviously supposed to sympathise with) as a completely charmless, passive-obsessive lunatic. Completely and utterly devoid of redeeming features. * In other news, I saw The Joneses at the cinema yesterday too, which I thought was pretty good. A weird mixture of humour and seriousness, and if you can once get into the vaguely implausible storyline it's pretty enjoyable. ***1/2
  6. Gotcha. See, because all I'd seen in terms of live footage was a similar setup to what he had on Tuesday, I didn't really expect anything different. Now I've seen that, I'm pretty keen to see him with a more elaborate setup too though, just to see how it differs.
  7. Watched Gran Torino this morning and am cursing myself for not watching it sooner. Great stuff.
  8. THE XCERTS on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads On first couple of listens, I wasn't convinced. I'm liking it a lot now. Think the Brand New influence is pretty striking.
  9. Loving this first couple of times through, especially Terrible Love, Bloodbuzz Ohio and Runaway. Gasping to see this band, toying with heading to Latitude for the friday for them and Richard Hawley.
  10. I thought The Blind Side was okay, but I thought that Big Mike's character wasn't developed at all, and that started to annoy me a bit. He was just like a big mute who stottered around their house looking perpetually sad. Not bad on the whole though. I saw Crying With Laughter yesterday at the Belmont, which is about an Edinburgh-based comedian who goes off the rails, and is taken in by an old school friend until he gets himself sorted out. Turns out 'friend' has an ulterior motive. Good viewing in general, although there was a ten minute spell near the end that I could barely bring myself to watch. Would definitely recommend it though. Hoping to catch The Ghost this week, and Greenberg and Gentlemens Broncos in the next couple. I also watched There Will Be Blood this morning, which I thought was pretty ace, although I thought it was paced quite badly, and suffered from a bit of a lull about halfway through. BRILLIANT ending, though.
  11. Cheers pal, was just wondering what happened to it
  12. All the best for these shows lads. That poster looks class too.
  13. Steven, did that song 'Change' you played at the Mambos gig ever find a home? That was a belter.
  14. Any Murder by Death fans in? Streaming new album "Good Morning, Magpie" here. Murder By Death – Good Morning, Magpie | Front Porch Musings One of my favourite bands. This is a little more upbeat / optimistic than the last few records, but it's a solid batch of tunes. Think I'll have to head to the Tuts show in June. Anyway, thoughts?
  15. Be-ba-ba-bada-bo. Watched The Science of Sleep the other night, which I quite enjoyed, although I'd say my interest in it petered out maybe ten minutes before the end. Also watched that 'Complete History of my Sexual Failures' thing that was on FilmFour on Saturday night, which I thought was largely pish and really unfocused.
  16. Listening to that "Genius in Concert" live album that's on Spotify, it's class. Can't wait for this one.
  17. Nice, haven't seen them since they became a four piece. What's the consensus on the newest album? Haven't got round to it yet. Incidentally, Fei Comodo were pretty good that time they supported InMe at Tunnels, as I recall.
  18. If it was going to be someone from there, going by what's there just now, my money would be on All Time Low, although as a matter of personal preference, NOFX or Weezer would be preferable. Got a ticket for this this morning. Looking forward to it.
  19. I thought Fish Tank was class, but struggled a bit with Dorian Gray. Have you seen the original film? It's really good, I've recently been enjoying Shattered Glass, which is the true story of the journalist Steven Glass (not to be confused with ex-Aberdeen winger of the same name) who worked at a political supplement in America called The New Republic, who basically fabricated a ton of stories to further his career. Absolute star turn by Peter Sarsgaard as the magazine's editor, and Hank Azaria is good in it as well. Also, just watched Revolutionary Road tonight, which I thought was ace. Two good performances from Leonardo DiCaprio (also good in Shutter Island, I thought) and Kate Winslet, but Michael Shannon stole the show, for my money.
  20. CRACKING lineup. Haven't seen Be A Familiar since the Murder by Death tour in 2008, and had to miss them last time they were up, so looking forward to this! Don't know much about Boycotts but I'll scope them out, and Farewell Singapore are always a safe bet for a good show.
  21. We had a cracking time at this gig, thanks to everyone who came down in time to see us. Thought The Form were cracking, they're tightening up all the time and pretty much did exactly what was required on the night. That newest tune is a belter as well, and Craig's voice is top drawer. Right Hand Left - haven't seen them in ages, so went in with a completely open mind and enjoyed them a lot. Some really clever instrumentation in there sometimes, and I think their vocal harmonies sound massive. A Genuine Freakshow were class, as expected. Their album is probably one of my most anticipated this year. Once again big thanks to Ross for giving us the gig and for being spot on as per, think a good time was had by all.
  22. A couple of my best friends are putting this show on, and damn, have I missed Ascension lately. All over this one, make no mistake! EDIT: Blatantly picking up a copy of the single as well. Is it cool if I use it for radio play?
  23. I'm going with The Little Kicks for this one. Enjoyed Marionettes at Luke Leighfield though, the time off and wee reinvention has definitely worked in their favour, looking forward to seeing what they do next. I don't know anything about Evil Neill, to be honest, and I was admittedly pretty unconvinced by Winter in Siberia when I saw them a few months back.
  24. Gaslight Anthem and Murder by Death, hopefully both out by summertime. Coheed, Far and Deftones should all be pretty interesting too.
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