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  1. I have a great sounding Jim Deacon acoustic guitar for sale, the action is a little low and buzzes on the 12th fret on the high string, but other than that perfect condition! Can be easily fixed, 100 ono Also an authentic Didgeridoo, well used but good condition, nice pattern on it, 60 ono PM if interested, looking for quick sale as no room in my my flat for them!
  2. After the break up of the Viper Lines i am looking to get back on the drums and into a new band. very open minded at the moment so PM if interested
  3. for those jumping the gun and assuming i can assure the promotor for this event has everything cleared with the owner. korova live venue will officialy open in may, hopefully the first week, and the entracne will be on windmill brae as it is in the bassment of the venue. im sure if you get in touch with deenfest promotion they can give you more details
  4. Saturday the 17th January at Drummonds. Doors at 8pm, 4 entry
  5. The Viper Lines would love to play as a non nominated band!
  6. yeah it is the 27th, sorry about that! Playing at the Tunnels Christmas bash too on the 23rd, happy days!
  7. I think that more bands need to be opne minded and play with bands other than the same three or four they alwasy do! i admit when we get asked to play we know the same three or four bands will be supporting us normally, i think a mix is needed so fans can see all bands that are out there! even mix genres at gigs, like metal with indie! why not do it, im sure the turn out will be good!
  8. Playing on the 27th at drummonds, should all come along! Would be nice to play to people for once, since we get neglected from everything else!
  9. Who is your local band of the year? Or top five?
  10. Wait, you mean people have actually heard the Viper Lines............
  11. The Viper Lines are playing there last show for a few months, recording some new tracks early next year so taking time out to do that and get some new tunes.
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